Indonesian New Banknotes, Coins With Fresh Designs, Improved Security Features Introduced


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    Jakarta. Bank Indonesia officially started on Monday (19/12) to circulate banknotes and coins with improved security features and fresh new designs that feature national heroes, sceneries and traditional arts as part of efforts to prevent counterfeiting.

    "Our security is among the best in the world," Bank Indonesia Governor Agus Martowardojo told reporters after the launch ceremony. "We have 12 security features for the Rp 100,000 note, including its color, ultraviolet features, thread and recto-verso feature."

    Besides the design of the new Rp 100,000 note, the central bank also revealed new looks for six other smaller denomination banknotes and four coins.

    Bank Indonesia provides a detailed explanation of each design here.

    The new Rp 100,000, Rp 50,000, Rp 20,000, Rp 10,000, Rp 5,000, Rp 2,000 and Rp 1,000 bills feature 12 Indonesian national heroes, such as former President Sukarno and Vice President Mohammad Hatta, Djuanda Kartawidjaja and Tjut Meutia on the front. The backs of the bills feature scenery, traditional dancers and flowers.

    Each of the banknotes has a color shifting feature that shows different colors from different angles, latent images that show under a special light and tactile marks for visually impaired people. Agus said people can feel the distinguishable design on the banknotes' surfaces.

    Meanwhile, the new designs for the Rp 1,000, Rp 500, Rp 200 and Rp 100 coins also show Indonesian heroes on on side and the denomination on the other side.

    "This is a form of appreciation for the heroes' service to the country," Bank Indonesia executive director Tirta Segara said in a statement.

    The existing rupiah banknotes are still valid and will remain valid until Bank Indonesia retracts it from circulation.

    What is your comment on our country new banknotes?

  • Beautiful notes. But here in Brazil at least, I dont use notes anymore, just debit/credit card.