New to Burst the mining is not working?

  • Now i have done some faucets yet not that much in the way of faucets, I got 3 TB hard drive and plotted all of it.
    Also download the blockchain and exact it into AppData -> Roaming -> BurstWallet -> burst_db and even save passphrase on the text file within the burst folder.

    Check my java it up to date, I picked the team us pool and I have yet to see any results????

    what have I missed as I am not earning any burst as of yet???????

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    It looks like your reward assignment is not done or for another pool

  • Takes 4 Blocks or 16 Minutes to start mining at any pool when you switch pools. The Red Error should go away...

  • Ok not use how one changes the reward assignment yet i will look into that thank you focus.

    So i click start mining select plot pick pool and click on default mining.

    and then about 1 hour later

    Thanks everyone for your input.

  • click start mining , select pool then on left click set reward assignment follow prompts , logg back into wallet you will see a 1 burst fee transaction pending in your transactions that is the reward assignment wait for it to get 4 confirmations then click start mining and click defult mining

  • Ty Gibsalot it pretty much did what you said.
    0_1482892264121_part1.png As you can see lol I did it step by step.
    0_1482892313117_part2.png Then i notice the burst coin fee after i log back into the wallet. Start to mine.
    I will see how it goes.