I just tried a sapphire rx470d gpu

  • Hi any gpu miners out there....I just bought and tried a sapphire rx 470D ....and the results is good.... hashing power is as good as the rx480 and better then the rx470 4gb/8gb... and very much cheaper price....! Just to share with you guys out there....0_1482582792930_IMG_0017.JPG

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    It says exclusively for China market

  • @Focus ya bro...I thought maybe they will sell in your country soon....I couldn't get any reviews on this gpu for mining ....so I just bought one to try out today....just sharing some info here....:)

  • The RX470 by Sapphire is the best 470 on the market due to their selection of RAM, they are the only 470 manufacture that uses the same RAM chips (the 8GB version) that are in the RX480 models giving you a higher through put. Right now it's +1 for these cards if you are doing traditional GPU mining. As a comparison here are some numbers

    RX480 Reference Board - ~27MH Etherum
    RX470 8GB Sapphire Board - ~25MH Etherum
    RX470 Everyone elase - 23MH or Less