Solo mining questions

  • I wanted to experiment with solo mining, so I made a couple of small plot files on a different computer to see how solo mining works. I'm pretty sure the config file is set up correctly. here is a display of the mining program:


    I guess my main question is how does the system know to send the reward to my account. I was previously mining in a pool, so the last reward assignment I sent out was to a pool. Do I have to send out the same reward assignment message out with my account number in it, or does the passphrases.txt file with my password identify my account?

    My main concern is that I run the other machine for days waiting for a block and then when it comes I didn't have the rewards setup properly.

    Thanks for any help,

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    @rds You need to set the reward assignment back to your account.

  • @haitch , how do you do that? I've only clicked the start mining on the wallet and filled in the pool names from the dropdown menu. Is "my account" my BURST-xxx-xxx-xxx or is it the numeric ID on all the plot files? Thanks.

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    @rds It's you BURST-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx address. Select the reward assignment option, assign it to your address.

  • @haitch, ok, thanks

  • @haitch, thanks for the info, I think I'm up and running.

    A few questions if you don't mind?

    Sometimes the block winner is displayed and sometimes it doesn't. Do you know why that is?

    Is there a document that defines the parameters in the miner.conf file?

    For instance,

    Is there any other mode other than pool or solo?

    What happens if enable proxy is true instead of false?

    What's the best cache size, does it depend on your hardware?

    Why is the target deadline set to 6048000? Is that leftover from one of the pools? Should it be adjusted for solo mining?

    Why is "UseFastRcv" false?


    Thanks again.

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    @rds No problem

    • Sometimes the wallet won't have updated with who the actual winner is yet, so it moves onto next block without displaying last winner.

    • No documentation of all the settings, but if you ask here, someone will be able to explain to you.

    • Modes are only pool or solo.

    • With Proxy set to true, the miner can be a proxy for other miners. Say you have three PC's mining - this one could be the proxy, and point to the pool, the other two could be proxy clients and point to this miner instead of the pool. This is mostly useful when mining on pools that penalize you for submitting a DL that's worse than your current best DL - the proxy will only send better DL's.

    • Best cache size is what works best for you. Test on sequential blocks, not repeatedly on the same block as the Windows cache will interfere with the results.

    • Not sure why it's 6,048,000 - but given that that is 70 days, not a problem ...... No need to adjust for Solo - a 70 day deadline will never be reached.

    • I don't recall the purpose of the UseFastRcv setting - @Blago will probably have to chime in on that.

  • @haitch Thank you again,

    Can you explain how the forged balance and the account balance are setup in the wallet. If rewards come in from solo mining, I assume they show up in the forged balance box. When I was in a pool the payments came into the account balance box. Are they connected? Do you have to transfer the burst from the forged box to the account balance box to spend or transfer them?

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    @rds either pool or solo mining the coins will go into your account - no need to transfer. The Forged Balance just shows how much you've solo mined, it's not a separate balance.