• hi everybody and admin, am john kelvin by happy to here..i have download the burst app on my laptop. i have a little problem..i have watched all the videos from you guys and from adam. am plotting with 200gb,my questions are
    1- how long will the plotting take?
    2- when it was plotting, i keep see these things like
    writing from nonce 300000001
    generating from nonce : 300001345
    writing from nonce 300001345
    it keeps increasing...i want to ask, is this plotting good or i should end it?
    thanks in anticipation.

  • This is normal and depending on how fast your computer is and how much ram you have will tell you how long it will take. How many gigs are you plotting? Sorry just reread your post shouldn't take to long to plot 200 gigs maybe a couple of hours depending on the speed of the computer. how many nonces are you getting? If it is a TB or more it could take up to a couple of days if you have a older computer. It took me 26 hours to plot 2 tb before.

  • everything sounds normal , the plotter in the all in one client is a bit slow but vary simple to use id recomend it for anyone ploting under 5TB with no plans to grow more TB soon after, if adding more TB on the regular or plotting all the time its well worth it to learn the GPU plotter with a good GPU. depending on speed of CPU, read write speed of HDD. 200g can take from 2 hours - 5 hours

  • @Gibsalot thanks,i want to go to bed now.can i leave my system till the next morning?

  • @john8kelvin Yes leaving it over night is not a issue. It will complete and you should be ready to go in the morning. Can I suggest mining at pool in my signature. It has one of the lowest fees and wont have a issues with your small plots.

  • @gecox22 i left it till this morning ,its is still writing
    generating from nonce : this normal or is it my system that is too slow for it

  • @gecox22 another one am plotting has stoped something like this

    generating from nonce : 400014785
    writing from nonce 40014785
    d : \burst>_

    it has been like that for good 1hour +
    plss what do i do?

  • I recommend to use GPU (if middle class + Card) otherwise cpu and split the 200gb to 4 * 50 GB. If you use gpu plotter you can make a command "wait" into GPUPlots.bat ", so you can go to sleep and if one plot done the next start:
    gpuPlotGenerator generate buffer [...]
    gpuPlotGenerator generate buffer [...]
    gpuPlotGenerator generate buffer [...]

    best regards

  • Hi John. I am new to the world of BURST. Good luck on the mining. I have been thinking about purchasing an external hard drive to try it myself. Please let me know the outcome of your current plotting attempt.

  • @john8kelvin Can you post a screenshot of your cmd window? I think your plot just finish since it says d:\burst> in the end, but wih a screenshot i can say you with more certain 😉

  • @gpedro this is another one an on nw

    ![alt text](C:\Users\Muphy\Pictures\SNIPPING CAPTURE.PNG)

  • @john8kelvin Can't see the image... try to reupload it please

  • @gpedro i tried to mine and i got this...{"errorDescription":"Unknown account","errorCode":5}.. plss what does this mean?

  • @john8kelvin Have you done the reward assignment before launch the miner?

  • @gpedro i think i should start all over again....i really dont know how all this works....
    this is the screenshot of what am ploting.....0_1482889013492_CAPTURE NEW.PNG

  • @gpedro plss i want to start all over again.....plsssss or what should i do?

  • @john8kelvin Error 5 --> go to Burst Client --> Start Mining --> Do you get errorCode 5? [..] --> Button change --> For example our Pool Text Field below BURST-YXZW-JH7M-QKR9-9PKBN and your passphrase above. Then Start-Mining Example: Pool Address.

    For plots the only thing you need to do, is write plots --> Plot this drive --> Set your Burst Address --> Set GB and CPU example --> 75 % of cores --> And then let it flow, it takes time, sometimes it doesnt show up the current status, so hit enter and it is on the current status.

    best regards,

  • @MrWho plss do i have to download any other app.. because its only the burst wallet i have on my system...
    but i have started the plotting , using the direction you gave me.....( --> Plot this drive --> Set your Burst Address --> Set GB and CPU example --> 75 % of cores -->)
    0_1482892399658_NEW CAPTURE.PNG

    this is work is going on nw. is it normal?

  • Yeah let it flow, how many GB you plot? There is a Nonce Calculator so you can calculate how long it takes, if you compare with your current nonce.

  • @john8kelvin No you do not need to download anything else from the picture everything looks normal. It just takes time to plot. More time than you think it would. It is not like say buying a piece of hardware for bitcoin and typing in some user name and password and away you go. Plotting is very time consuming. The better the computer the faster the plotting goes. If you have a High End GPU you can try plotting with that which will make it go even faster. Like I said it took me 2 days to plot 2 tb.