BURST community Cloud

  • I wanted to give some information on the project in development, ,the BURST community cloud. The project for now will be a centralized service with focus on BURST services. In the future it will be decentralized, including the files storage, and yes, we have a project we're working on to make this happen.

    ...but even as it sits, there is a LOT more in the cloud than in any other service, and it has the functionality of dropbox, google docs, slack, and much more in a single platform, that will be as encrypted as possible working towards end to end encryption at first, then decentralized as well.

    The cloud will have...

    • File backup / sync / storage (automated) (can purchase extra space over the given amount for a small monthly BURST charge)
    • Communications (This forum, XMPP encrypted chat, slack style chat for teams with custom teams possible, and web based email in the interface, that can use any domain once you inform the admin of the domain you'd like to use.)

    • Web development and hosting purchase options (have our team develop and host a site for you.)

    • Email hosting options (any domain you have, you can have hosted email with us, the BURST team. another service to pay with BURST)

    • Contacts, Calendar, Bookmarks, Announcements, and much more.

    • Encrypted Video/Voice/Text communications (video in progress, text completed internally, will be external AND internal as well soon)

    • Much more coming soon! This service is already functioning, we're just working on some final stuff for the beta release. We already have a custom made client for it with the BURST wallet manager, plotting, mining, and more.

    • Will also be developing a BURST cloud mining setup for this as well... There is a LOT that will be put into this.

    • I will post more information as it becomes available. Thanks!

  • REaly a big project people... PLEASE,.. TALK WITH EVERY SINGLE FRIEND YOU HAVE... SHARE THIS OPPORTUNITY,.. believe in this coin... really,,, believe, trust in the power of this coin and the tecnology, software, and the people behind this GIANT project...

    Finally a road to walk safely...

  • @crowetic Nice

  • @crowetic WOW I'd heard you talk about this some days ago in Adams youtube video but hadn't realize how big this will be... When you release the Beta Version i'm happy to try it...
    What BURST cloud mining model will you implement? Are you talking about something simillar to www.genesis-mining.com (of course it will be BURST mining so Genesis with profit! xD) or some completely new concept?

  • This is great news 🙂

  • Just read this topic today .....I am very eager to see 2 things first ....
    Mining via Android & Cloud Mining 🙂

  • @gpedro im interested in seeing how this would play out. cloud mining works "sometimes" in that most of them are ponzi schemes or fall in on themselves

  • @crowetic can't wait until this becomes a reality!

  • @crowetic Just wondering if there was any further update on this ..

  • any updates on this?

  • @crowetic, any updates regarding this topic?