Whats the benefit of buying assets?

  • SO i have been experimenting with the purchase of assets the last few days and I am curious to know what is the main benefit of buying assets? why should I buy assets? also what is the potential downside of buying assets.

    Im enjoying taking in all the knowledge from this forum. Such an active community is great!

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    @miikeythealien Assets give you revenue - are they all great and return a positive ROI? No. And that's the downside, they can be totally positive ROI, or they can be asset that's a scam, or will never be profitable. So do your homework, look at how an asset is funded, and use your judgement.

  • I like to think that assest's are an investment into someone pool or project. Like stocks kind of. Assests pay you a share based apon the assets performance. Yea like haitch stated. Some assests could be scam assets. Please research assets before you buy. I like you am playing with assets too. I currently own ccminer100 , bursttaker, and newsilver. Ill buy more as i like to have my burst spread over the board and there are a lot of cool things happening. Happy Bursting!

  • @miikeythealien
    In my opinion, the best assets right now are:

    1. FAD (4365263114597251978) from @nameless - the asset, in addition to good income, provides active support to the developers of coin, and it is important for her development.
    2. N. E. W. S. (5892347315238085011) from @jervis - I like his concept, and how this guy develops his asset! 🙂

    In any case, buying assets from the verified list, you are long-term investing in the development of BURST, so it makes sense to spend on them, not all the BURST (not more than 50% of the funds). The remaining 50% you will need in the case the rate will begin to grow rapidly - you will be able to sell some coins and make a profit. Otherwise, when the rate will go up (if you will not have free coins), you will start to sell assets, and it is unlikely you will be done quickly and at a great price.

    Thus the advantage of buying verified assets is that this way you increase the chances of the growth rate of the BURST (which you should have in sufficient quantity) 🙂

  • @emcb This is what I plan to do save 50% of my BURST I earn from assets in liquid BURSTS and 50% reinvest to exponentially grow my stock.

  • there are benefit depend if the asset are genuie CCMINER100 like this asset i think it worth investing and i have been trying to support also for the future of burst .