GPU or CPu miner

  • What is the best mining software to use. Is it best to use GPU or is it best to use CPU miner software for mining burst?

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  • @ZapbuzZ said in GPU or CPu miner:

    there are 3 miner options within the burst wallet system i know about. 2 are cpu based 1 is GPU assisted. The GPU assisted one for me reads a 4 terrabyte plot in 10 seconds as opposed to about 30 to 35 seconds with the others. Basically I would recommend GPU; cpu if it in't supported by your hardware. Your GPU hardware would most likely need to be manufactured 2014 or after as my cards older than that the OPENCL version is too old and gpu miner crashes on me. Please note even the lowest powered discreet graphics card yealds great read results.

    Would a GTX 460 1GB will work for GPU Assited Mining?

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