DigiPool - pool.bursts.me Linux VPS

  • Hello Everyone!

    I wanted to Bump (re-post) this to a more clear and detailed post.

    At the beginning of the month we started a pool called Digi Pool. We are running a Research Project over Pool setup and Mining Operations. This research has almost come to an end. We have decided that we will keep the pool open and mine on it. You are all welcome to come mine on this pool.

    We would really like to get at least 20 miners into the pool. If you have a smaller or large miner that you want to donate some pool time, please point it to us and help us out! We are not running a fly-by-night operation here. We are providing a pool that costs us money each month. So if you can help us out, we would be very greatfull.

    1. Pool Address : pool.bursts.me
    2. Set Recipient: 4048889333605521434
    3. Pool Fee: 1.5% ( We plan to invest in Assets to ensure bursts in pool )
    4. DevFree : Paid to Lexicon to help support the software process
    5. Mining Size : Any
    6. Location : USA East Coast
    7. Operating System : Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.8.6-x86_64-linode78 x86_64)

    Our pool is hosted on a dedicated Ubuntu Linux VPS and should provide a great platform for mining. We use Linux so we have less overhead. Our pool runs lexicons GitHub pool code and has been payment tested in both windows and Linux. Rock Solid!

    We are continuing our research by collecting pool stats. These are a few things we are hoping to see.

    1. Bandwidth Usage
    2. Processor Usage

    These collections will be going on through the next month. When time we will post the research to a number of sites including these forums. Hopefully there will be some new additions to our community here as a result. Our goal of putting this out is to start the topic of conversation about burst and the community.

    Some people who want to run a pool, or are, will want to look at our research for tips, or use the version we will place on our GitHub. We will have a new pool GUI and we are really happy with how it looks. It’s on our dev box not our public pool yet.

    We are also in pretty fair amount of communication with the pool developer. Lexicon is a great guy and that’s why we leave the devfee enabled. We ask the same of you!

    We will be incorporating lexicons additions as he puts them out, and have also added other peers into our list and us into theirs. This helps strengthen the network.

    If you can tell we are a really laid back group of researchers that like to have a good time and help promote burst and the community. For example… Who got the Digi Pool Free Assets? Wasn’t that fun?

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Quick Linux Start Scripts : These will run the wallet and pool into a screen sessions. So if your ssh session dies it will keep running. you can attach to the pool screen session by using the command screen -r BurstPool
    If you want to detach, then use ctl a the d to detach it to the background. Same for wallet.

    Wallet Start Script :
    cd /opt/burstcoin-1.2.7
    screen -A -m -d -S BurstWallet java -cp burst.jar:conf nxt.Nxt

    Pool Start Script:
    cd /opt/burst-pool
    screen -A -m -d -S BurstPool nodejs burst-pool.js