Plotting large disks

  • When plotting a large (multi-TB) disk, is it better to plot the entire disk as one file, or to plot several smaller files? If I plot several smaller files, will that affect the performance of the miner, especially if I'm mining with a lot of drives? (My current mining machine is an old i5 with a lot of memory but only two cores, and my understanding is that jminer creates a thread for each file.)

  • @zyzzyva , I go 200gb per file. if something goes wrong i only have to redo 200gb not a multi TB file.

  • @rds Thanks! Do you find that having a lot of small plots affects your read time much when you're mining?

  • @zyzzyva , well I don't have a a plot file bigger than 400gb. All my reads are done by 42 sec

  • @rds Cool, I'm gonna give this a try then. I've been failing miserably creating plots bigger than 1TB with gpuPlotGenerator.

  • @zyzzyva, yea give it a go. I only used cpu plotting. If a drive would disconnect or the computer froze up i would lose a file or wouldn't trust it and wanted to replot. 200GB replot is better than redoing 2TB or whatever huge file you're trying to plot. Under 200GB like 100GB there are just too many files. I use 4TB drives, so I have, on average, 20 files per drive.

  • I see you are new to this. I originally thought that way and saved time plotting with my dualcore E5800 Today I use a laptop and let it run 4days if thats what it takes. The majority of the files are good to go anyways.
    too many small plots end up becoming a hassle to number and avoid overlaps. Take the time now to make them big as possible even if it means 3 days of plotting. You would be amazed at how much faster one 1.8tb file is compared to 10 smaller plots.

  • @Burstde Thanks, this is good advice too. Maybe I can do something in the middle, like 1TB files. I don't mind waiting if I need to, I just am having trouble to get big plots to complete. My problem is that I keep encountering problems like write errors, system overheats, etc. I can get through 1TB, but the 3TB drive I'm plotting now has failed to plot for one reason or another about 5 times now.

  • @Burstde, before xplotterv7 there was no way to plot one huge file on one drive and optimize it as well. Smaller files allow you to optimize while plotting so your capacity can get into mining faster than waiting for a big unoptimized file to finish. My miner is done scanning in 42 seconds for all my small files. Don't think there is any appreciable difference in scan times for 1-4TB file and 20-200GB files.

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    @rds I can do 10 x 4TB drives each with a single 4TB file in around 17 seconds (it fluctuates between 15 and 19). There is a difference. Optimized plots created with GPUPlotGenerator that can build a single optimized plot.

  • @haitch, i see, no experience with GPU plotting, all my comments refer to CPU only. thanks.

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    @rds GPU plotting/mining much faster than CPU.

  • @haitch , I'm mining/plotting on a laptop with 8GB ram and 1TB hdd i5 intel processor. Can I use the GPU miner/plotter? Do I need a dedicated GPU?

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    @rds You'd probably need a dedicated GPU to see an advantage. Do you have a PC you can plot on, then connect the drive to the laptop ?

  • @haitch, just laptop, no worries, cpu is ok for me,

  • I totally wished I did GPU plotting. I am almost 4 days into a 3TB drive and should have jumped into GPU since I have 5 RX480s configured. Boy I feel dumb

  • @A2Z_Crypto
    It could be worse... 7.5 TB plot with i7 3632QM ... 4 days already and we are at 50% ...and to be even more interesting I have 7.5TB to plot after this...soo... yeah 🙂