[ANN] Campaign Notice : FaucetPyramid

  • Welcome to my newest Campaign/Asset. I'm sure there will be lots of questions and concerns but take your time read through and then ask your questions if I did not address your concern.

    Asset Name: FaucetPyramid
    Purpose: Converts BTC from Faucets to Burst
    Total Assets: 100K
    Cost Per Asset: 0 Burst
    Value Per Asset at Maturity: 10 Burst
    Total Value: The Math says Zero but we know that's a lie.

    Assets will be bought back at 10 Burst each
    Once 100K Burst are purchased with BTC I will post to ensure everyone that holds assets has 30 days to sell back on the Asset Exchange. I know you just did the math realized that 100K Burst divided by 10 is only 10K assets, that doesn't match the 100K in the pool. Why? It's due to luck, Check the section how long will this take.

    My commitment to you:
    If no one clicks the links boy my fingers will be tired because I will generate the BTC. I'm also going to start with throwing a handful of Satoshis in the pot to get it rolling

    What happens after all the assets are reclaimed?
    I will re-distribute the assets and the process will start over.

    How long will this take?
    That depends on you, some luck, and the power of social media to spread our link. The further it is spread and the more participating the quicker you will be able to sell your assets. Unclaimed referrals generated by the faucet go into the general pool. My current estimation has this at less than a month but bigger surprises have occurred. If someone hits a mega jackpot on a spin the Asset stands to grow by ~18K Burst in a single click, or if we somehow win the lottery it's a bonus of ~170K Burst (as of today). I'll send additional assets so people can cash in.

    What if someone doesn't want to sell back?
    It's their lose, I'll perform a phase two release in which they can still return their phase one assets, they would stand to gain only half as much if this happens.

    How much is the administration fee?
    This one your going to like, 0%, that's right nada, nothing, zip, zilch. Why? Because I too will participate to hold this asset as it reaches maturity.

    When will this be released?
    Now, Get Started below, click the link, send me a message.

    Anything special we should know?
    Additionally I am essentially killing the free market, I will set buy prices, I guess if you want out early you can get it but you won't get your full bounty.

    What's really going on here?
    People around the world probably including some of you that are reading this click faucets to claim coins to build up your portfolio or buy more burst. The Asset is the referral account that collects a portion of each users click. The luckier you or others are the faster the pot grows, when the pot hits the required value I literally turn it upside down and buy tons of burst for all the asset owners, buy back all your assets and we do it again. If you want you can participate in round two or not, your call.

    How Does this help Burst?
    We are increasing the market cap for the entire coin base because we are injecting value into Burst by purchasing with outside coins. In essence we are saying, "I prefer to have Burst instead of BTC" for my faucet payouts.

    Can we start making Burst already?
    Yes we can, and here is how it's done. Use this link: http://freebitco.in/?r=3485802 Use it yourself, spread it on the internet, give it to your family, give it to your friends, give it to your enemies. The more people that use this referral link the faster the account builds. I will post the number of users that are tied to our referral system.

    How do I claim my assets?
    Send me a message with your Burst ID and BTC ID, I'll marry the two up and issue assets to associated Burst accounts. I'll try to do this once a day in the beginning but then less frequently, maybe once every 72 hours or so. The cost of asset transfers will be paid by the asset balance.

    Good luck to all that participate.


  • @IceBurst I like the concept mate but why would you need BTC in there? Do you plan to gamble with it?
    Yesterday i had a really good day in freebitcoin, i won 0.01BTC in the multiplyer ;P

  • @gpedro said in [ANN] Campaign Notice : FaucetPyramid:

    e concept mate but why would you need BTC in there? Do you plan to gamble with it?
    Yesterday i had a really good day in freebitcoin, i w

    The BTC is being sent off to Poloniex and held in the Loans section until we reach our target amount. At that point it's used to purchase a giant pile of burst and then sent back to the Asset account which in turns puts buy orders on the Asset Exchange to buy back your assets that you got for free thus providing a distribution mechanism for the Burst.

    I realized I didn't answer the question: No the BTC will not be gambled, if you would like to gamble your personal BTC (as a small percentage goes to the fund) I wish you happy rolls. .01BTC (1m Sats) is a nice bonus.

  • @IceBurst 1million is a huge bonus yes hahaha This week was good xD
    So with the BTC collected from the buy of the assets you will invest in loans on Polo and the claims and refer earnings will be like a bonus to the pot for you to do the buyback when the target is reached? idk if i understood it right... 😉

    I will most likely buy some with that million satoshis i will receive tomorrow 😉

    And if you don't use the bots for freebitcoin and freedogecoin sites that @dagentlemang and @bitko developped, i recommend you to start. I can give you some extra tips on how to make some extra satoshis in there... The bots will click for you 23 times a day and if you play with the reward points, you can develop a strategy that will earn you around 0.0075 BTC per month just from the freebitcoin site... If you put the freedogecoin site earnings together with that monthly revenue it will almost reach 0.008 BTC from faucets and still without refers 😉
    The more refers the more reward points so the more BTC Bonus you can have in there hahha

  • @gpedro said in [ANN] Campaign Notice : FaucetPyramid:

    I will most likely buy some with that million satoshis i will receive tomorrow 😉

    Maybe I didn't make it as clear as I could have. You can not buy this Asset, it's more of a Campaign. If you use FreeBitcCo with the referral link above just send me a message with your BTC ID and your Burst ID. I'll see your referral BTC earning and give you Assets. When the total is reached via referral money I'll get a pile of Burst and buy back all the Assets I handed out. There is NO Cost to get in, click and go. This campaign is about converting BTC to Burst. "In Burst We Trust"


  • @IceBurst Oh ok so you are making a referral progrm hahaha
    Now i get it hahaha In my first question i asked what would you made with the BTC collected from assets sale but i guess there is no sale and you were talking about the collected sat from the faucets LOL...

    Then i guess i will not hold this in a near future since i already have accounts in both the freebitcoin and freedogecoin with some refers and it would be a shame lose them now xD

    But good luck for this project and maybe i buy some shares when someone sell it under 10 burst hahahah

  • @gpedro said in [ANN] Campaign Notice : FaucetPyramid:

    Then i guess i will not hold this in a near future since i already have accounts in both the freebitcoin and freedogecoin with some refers and it would be a shame lose them now xD

    You can open a 2nd account and have both. You can only collect from a single account per hour though.

  • Ugh I love the idea, hate that you're using freebitco.in there's goes my auto script referrals

    The auto claimer I released would have loved this

  • @dagentlemang

    Anyone that wants mad extra burst use this: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/2818/working-script-freebitco-in-auto-claimer-imacros - Sorry D I'm hijacking your script, but when you register please let me know you are using this program and I'll make sure to send some love over to @dagentlemang for his great work.


  • I'll do even better than that ill setup a bot to run your referral nonstop to help out - everything I get back ill send to FAD (feed a dev) Thanks for the mention and support

  • This campaign is open to all at any time, if you want to get in you still can just follow the steps in the first post. I also have some people participating in the campaign that have not claimed their BTC address if this is you please provide your BTC Address and Burst Address so I can bind them together. If you wish to be annoymous and not do so that's ok too. There's one account with ~400 Burst in it that is currently unclaimed.