tross Burstcoin Pool

  • Hope everyone had Happy Holidays! I want to show of some improvements to my pool!

    0_1483282827337_add1.PNG 0_1483282854462_add3.PNG

    I have add a block winner tab, TB size and miner type and I am bringing back My burst bashes!
    The burst bash indicator will be connected to the burst bash account and change slowly to green
    when the balance rises. It will be funded by what ever I get my hands on Fees ,donations and my own
    pocket! There is more coming in 2017 so keep your eyes on Lexicon and tross pools cause we believe
    on moving forward! Dont miss the burst bashes there nothing like free burst!

  • I am trying something out at my pool. Let me know if you are having connection or any other problems at my pool!
    tross pool will more than likely relocate to a vps in the next couple weeks. This can solve a few issues as well as cause a few but I will
    still be 24/7 online with little interruption! The image above is already outdated so stop by and see the improvement!

    If anyone is having trouble at my pool please contact me!

  • @tross 24/7 connection is fine

  • 0_1484402903183_congrats.PNG

    tross pool mile stone! 5 million burst forged!

    Not bad for 6 months! But it couldn't be done without the great miners I have! I will continue to invest
    in this pool to make it profitable for all!

    My hat goes off for you! Congrats!

  • @tross Congratulations for yor achievement ;)

  • Lexicon about an hour ago


    today i updated the code on my server. it fix's some issues where users were submitting nonce's over port 80.

    this missed a lot of code out so the recent update disabled the use of this port for most api requests. please use port 8124 instead.

    ill be working on updating the source so it accepts this again once ive written a process so it all goes through the same procedures.

    This is for tross pool too!

  • New changes to tross pool!


    I added the forum chat and will be fixing small html issues!

    tross pool will now accept asset or burst donations!

    All donations will be used for Burst Bash, Vps rental and cbox.
    Burst Bash Donations! Address: BURST-M6QV-W865-2GJ9-7QN2K

    After I move the pool to a VPS I will work on other ideas I have for the pool!
    I plan on migrating any time now but no later than next week!

    Burst Bash is coming up soon so keep an eye on my pool!

  • tross pool is now on a vps here in Germany! I am expecting a little better performance and stability. Now I have an easier time
    working on pool improvements. Burst Bash will be around the end of the month so dont forget to stay connected!

  • we did well ;)

  • @Lexicon Sorry forgot to add That you were a great help helping me set it up! Thank you!

    Charts charts would of never figured it out lol

  • @tross its funny but if you check the lat message on the software thread a few other users have the issue was well.

    its funny cause windows doesnt care about the case "Charts.js" is in. but linux. seems to be case sensitive

  • @Lexicon In the back of my mind I knew linux was case sensitive and also than windows dont care. To me looking for it is like finding a O in rows and rows of C. So you saved me tons of hours looking for the cause!

  • tross pool is having a burst bash within the next 48hrs. I will send 2400 burst to pool 10 times.

  • yaehee!-)

  • Woo-hoo make it rain!

  • Ok just to let everyone know. Should the vps drop out from all this rain I will have my Workstation as backup and can change ip instantly if vps fails.

  • Gonna switch my 2tb over see how your pool goes.. way to hard to earn on the big pools with small deadlines.

    Is it bad for me to use this pool as I am in NA

  • @skyline_king88 I got lots and lots of small miners so wont be lonely!

  • @tross that's good I wanna support smaller pools it is what the network needs. Way to many big miners at the couple big pools..

    Also will my deadline be longer if I am on Canada?

  • @skyline_king88 your deadlines are only affected by the total TB you have