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  • I will no longer post here in this forum. I will post at or on my thread at the other forum. I can be contacted at discord, pool chat, or Burst Nation but dont look there often!

    I wish people would do more to make burst better!

    edit i will only post here unless mentioned elsewhere.

  • admin

    @tross It's your decision whether to post here or not, but your accusations that I'm somehow manipulating the whole Burst network to deny your pool winning blocks is simply irrational.

    The recent value increase in Burst would suggest that people are doing a lot to make Burst better.

  • @tross im confused? what set this off? another thread?

  • @falconCoin my pool lost another block for what ever reason!

  • 0_1494795751933_new html.PNG

    ok made a new web page for the pool! ok have some more adjustments and changes. It should work on 17" monitors and cell phone maybe (I hope) tablets lol have to work on . I am no web master so this was learning by doing lol We have Radio!

  • I will be working on webpage problems today. If I cant fix lagging freezing bla bla then will switch over to urays html and see if its different. Its all this js that whats wrong. I have had problems with just discord and poloniex open.

  • Ok I worked all morning solving console errors and cleaning house. I contribute this lagging to high js use cause if you think about it almost everything there is js involved. Its hard for me to tell how bad it is cause I got a VM running plus storj shares with 9 plots and a burst miner backup pool wallet and me watching the pool and poloniex. So it gets real stuck sometimes.

    I have ran out of idea! I deleted some js and shorten some others. I need to find the time to relearn php and go that route. If you take netdata and look at vps you see it hardly working. I have not really looked if another wallet would change things. So bare with me I am trying my best. I get the feeling 350- 400 miners is the limit for the pool code.

    Now one day I will configure Lex/uray pool and switch it out for 2 hours and see if its my code or uray in general.

  • well it seemed to help a little bit but still lags so I try a little trick and see what it does. If anyone has an idea dont hesitate to say something!

    Its got to be java too much java and the garbage collection is too slow. I try 2 things tomorrow then I give up to think a couple days.

  • Ok I am going to do change the html (pool display) to the original V2 website today. This will not change mining just the way the site looks.

    I am try all I can to get to bottom of site lagging. The original html is simple so maybe it acts different.

    Dont forget the Raffle!!!!

  • Well it helped lagging but not so much to make a permanent change so I am up for suggestions!

  • tross pool Raffle now has 8 entries and 3 prizes worth 9600 Burst total! Every new entry raises the pot!

  • Right now 200 burst is about $2.50 and the raffle is a guaranteed 8k burst ($102) and has risen to 9.6k ($123) and would raise more if people participate

    raffle has 3 winners and nothing will be taken out. Raffle will be reconfigured next month cause assets didnt work to fund it.

  • I was trying to read about the raffle instructions on your pool page. One entry is 200 coins, but are we only allowed one entry? I bought in for one. :)

  • @Propagandalf yes 1 entry per and have to be mining on tross pool

  • i am back home from my trip picked up another 7TB from micro center wile i was in town. almost got my internal filled to max ... need to pick up another PCIe to SATA exp card to add more inside, as well as two 5-1/4 bay HDD mounting rack's. have 1 rack that a normal HDD will not fit in poor design on the case need to find a slim or just stick a laptop drive in it. and added my first USB3.0 HDD dock :)

  • not sure why they are upside down ..... if you click on them it shows them right side up lol
    0_1495413598469_041.jpg 0_1495413668036_042.jpg

  • My thermaltake Duetx just died but my 2 8tb drives didn't get damaged. You will know when it goes when the first week your drives loose connection and then the mb/s write speeds that BlagoMiner shows will read 5mb/s. The power light doesn't light up anymore and I can here any drive plugged into it spin up. Next week I'll open it up and send pictures

  • 0_1495571872030_current.PNG

    tross found the reason our pools are lagging & freezing! Current rounds and the console fought
    to finish first so I removed Current Round! Apparently as the pool got larger both in miners and TB the limit
    to the display code was met. So a couple things could happen pool html reconfigured with code that will work
    or provide a popup for Current round. Until I find a workaround or dive into php I will provide a popup link under the center console!
    Maybe better this way lol In any case clock dont stop, links can be clicked and chat can be typed chat when a block comes or been won!

    7day till raffle dont forget your pay the fee!

  • @Gibsalot trackball FTW :D

  • @Daforce I love my track ball lol, an its gota be the original Track man style lol

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