Xplotter for Optimized Plots (cpu) on MacOS

  • Tire of jumping to my bootcamp and back to Os, plotting and mining I just remembered that there was a way to run windows programs directly on MacOS utilizing "wine". Right now I'm testing it, making a plot of 200g directly on macOs using "Xplotter_avx.exe" (wish don't work on my bootcamp side). Here the proof that I'm not bluffing:

    0_1483283047989_Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 11.02.27 AM.png

    This said, lets star with the part that you guys want, the instruction on how to do it.

    1. You need to install "wine" on your mac, follow this site instructions are pretty easy ( just the installation instructions). Sit and wait for it, it take time, depending on your internet connection and your system speed. After the installation finish run this command just to install something more " brew install Winetricks" it just take one minutes at least.

    2. Now configure your drives on the wine environment,

    • run "winecfg"
    • go to the "Drives" tab
    • click "Add..."
    • chose your favorite letter
    • find the "Path:" text field and click the "Browse..." button next to that
    • find wherever your operating system has mounted the external drive. In macOs it'll be under /volumes.

    Take note of your drives and how wine identified them, you will need that when applying the command to Xplotter. (I have tried to make the plot directly to my external hdd but it given me an error, so now I'm making a plot directly on my internal drive to transfer it later to my external drive)

    1. This part is obvious but since this is a tutorial, have to be here. Download the latest Xplotter for Optimized Plots (Cpu) and keep in mind where you save it.

    2. Now go to terminal and "cd /to where xplotter has been extracted"

    3. Here is where the fun start... Right there in the terminal, before the normal xplotter command you will write "wine cmd /c " and it will look like this:
      "wine cmd /c Xplotter_avx.exe -id 12235419845508087637 -sn 0 -n 819200 -t 2 -path D:/ "
      where "wine cmd /c" is the command that activate wine environment, and "Xplotter_avx.exe -id 12235419845508087637 -sn 0 -n 819200 -t 2 -path D:/ " is the command that tells xplotter what to do and where to do it. ( for me the "avx" version worked, has not try the "sse" one, and the "-mem" parameter give me an error did'n know why but without it worked normally.

    Well if someone have problem with this just write here and I will try to help you.

    Remember that explotter is a windows program and is not garantee that this will work on your system, so that said, if this don't work for you, it is not blago foul or mine. But if this work, a miner should work too with the same command and process. (have not tested jet with miners or other programs supplied here)

  • Update:
    Well after two plots done by this way... they work perfectly, and tested this with some miners and they work too...

  • says -bash: wine: command not exists

  • I get.

    Can't create directory h:/ for plots (Error 5)

    😞 was hoping to speed up my ploting with a second computer.

  • admin

    @coindrifter Try creating a sub directory of h: and plotting there - I've had issues trying to plot to the root of a drive. Also, as it's a windows app it expects the directory separator to be \ not /

  • @haitch Ok will try that, it's odd since his example uses /

  • admin

    @coindrifter It could be that Wine is doing a translation so / may be fine