BURST Deposit Card

  • Hi there, I recently had some spare time and came up with a BURST Deposit Card. It is simply a card which has the Wallet Address, QR Code and the Nickname/Alias to go with that Wallet. I have been working on a few designs and actually printed one out to make a card.

    0_1483288585485_Card Template.jpg

    As you can see, the quality is not as good because I have a bad printer, but the card works. You can deposit/receive Burst from others, which is handy if you are using the new mobile app and are on the go. You can simply pull out your card from your wallet and away you go. I created this card with an old game store voucher card which I got for Christmas. The designs fit exactly to any card which you may have.

    If you would like a design modified to your needs so that you can make a card, I will happily do that for you at the price of 1000 Burst. Once the changes are made, I will send you a full resolution copy via IM on the forums here. The information I need is your Wallet Address and Name/Alias. Orders are to be sent to BURST-DASH-M8FX-PNUM-76HTX

    Thank you for your time,

  • good idea , feels like a paper wallet

  • @dagentlemang Yeah, thats the next aim. How will we go about that???

  • This is pretty much it, same way we would have to come together as a community and figure out how we want it to look like , but this is a beautiful example of what a Deposit Paper wallet would look like

  • @dagentlemang Yes I agree. I do have a Paper Design available. It is the size of a Dollar BIll