[ANN] BrownieMiner Asset (ZEC/BURST)

  • Name: BrownieMiner Asset
    Asset Id: 8825227502042814238
    Supply: 1,000,000
    Price: 25 (Initial Release)
    Dividends: Monthly

    Brownie Miner is an asset i created to fill a hole i saw in the asset community. It is a combined income from my ZEC miner and my BURST miner. As of release I have a ZEC miner chugging away at https://zec.suprnova.cc/

    Believe it or not, that hashrate was pretty difficult for me to achieve. Using solar powered PC's.
    The burstcoin miner will be up by the end of today.
    The payouts will be:
    80% monthly payout
    15% maintenance*
    5% to more hard drives
    *because we all know that mining is not as profitable as scammers make it out to be an I also need a cut.
    Nevertheless, it is still going to have profit in it.

    @haitch recommended i be more clear, so: THE REVENUE GENERATED FROM ASSET SALES WILL GO 100% TO BUYING MORE HARD DRIVES FOR THE BURST PART OF THE ASSET. All shares are available immediately.

    If you have any doubts or any questions PLEASE put them below. I am willing to prove my identity to gain the trust of the community.

  • @browniemix Regarding verifying your ID with @haitch is something i clearly advise you to do because create a account one hour ago raises some red flags but this type of asset should have some future in next months for sure 😉

  • @gpedro ill get right to it. would a driver's license be good?

  • @browniemix you have to discuss with him but the more docs the marrior to gain trust xD

  • admin

    @browniemix I try to be supportive of new assets, but this one just isn't economically feasible. At 69.5 Sols/s you're looking at a monthly income of $7.50. Deducting your 40% maintenance, that leaves a payout of $4.50/month. However you're looking to sell $13,400 worth of assets. That gives a time to ROI of 248 Years. Not viable.

  • @haitch my pc's mining ZEC are solar powered

  • @haitch take into account that there is a BURST miner attached to the asset and that ZEC is at an alltime low. Most major exchanges put ZEC at a prominent place on their exchange. When it goes up, so will this asset. @haitch do you know how profitable 69.5 Sol/s is right now?

  • admin

    @browniemix Those 4TB are going to add about $2.50/month to the payout, which still leaves it with a greater than 100 year time to ROI. I know ZEC is at a low - I also mine it. But without a better explanation of your long term plans on how this asset is going to expand and grow, I currently can't see how this is viable.

  • @haitch if i only sold 10,000 assets right now, those assets would be getting the income you described plus whatever hard drive i can afford from the burst paid

  • @haitch $13,400 is a lot of hard drives

  • admin

    @browniemix If you're talking about a staggered release of assets, and using those funds to expand the mining farms, then elaborate on that in your OP - as it stands currently it's, here's 1,000,000 shares of an asset that will never ROI. To get people interested in your asset you have to explain the full vision, this is how I intend to to do it, not some vague statements.

  • @haitch let me elaborate

  • The revenue generated from asset sales will go 100% to buying more hard drives for the burst part of the asset. The ZEC portion is a bonus to ensure all the eggs aren't in one basket

  • admin

    @browniemix I'm not trying to give you a hard time here, please understand that, I'm trying to help, but everything you've said is vague. Get specific - "I intend to release 1M share in tranches of X shares, the funds of those shares will fund the purchase of X additional TB, my strategy is .............."

    Also note that there are already at least three other assets with the sell to expand concept, but they're running at around a 10% maintenance fee - 40% is really high.

  • @haitch ok, let me do some math. You have a valid point. With the profitability of BURST I think I can lower the maintenance