Plotting on one computer for mining with another: Is it possible using the AIO windows wallet?

  • Hi there,
    As I am a newbie and for the moment getting used to the technicalities of the business, I wanted to ask whether it is possible to make plots with one computer from the last version of the AIO wallet, to be then used for mining but on a different computer? (taking into account the issue of the starting nonces) My laptop is a high end one and I am sure I'd save a lot of time if I plot my new hard drives with it instead of using the other one.

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    @vExact You can plot on one PC and mine on another, but for each drive that you plot, make sure it has a new drive letter - ie First drive F:, 2nd drive G:, 3rd drive H: ..... etc. The AIO uses the drive letter to determine the starting nonce, if you don't change it for each drive, you'll have overlapping plots. On the mining PC, it doesn't matter what the drive letters are.

  • yes but has to be logged into the correct account and plotted in expert mode to set correct nonce

  • @haitch so if you set the correct starting nonce, the drive letter keeps still being an issue?

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    @vExact If you do it in expert mode, then you can manually select your starting nonce, but if using non-expert mode, drive letter is significant.

  • @haitch I see. I have already used the expert mode, although pretty far to be myself an expert 🙂 I like the new version of the AIO wallet, where the Xplotter was included, so you have your plots already optimized when the thing finishes.

  • @Gibsalot ok thanks!

  • Hi there. Please could any of you take a look at this screenshot to see if everything is ok. I have two drives plotted: "E" and "F", E comes first in the nonce order and F follows.However on the AIO wallet in the plotted drives for the "start mining" section it recognizes F first and E after, so that in the miner.conf file it writes: "Paths":
    Now this is my concern, does it matter if F or E comes first? I presume it does not as it is reading in parallel the drives, not serially.. But just want to be sure.


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    @vExact It doesn't matter.

  • dont matter, everything looks fine, its actuly reading both drives at the same time you are just seeing F: first because its plotted file is smaller and scan finish's first.

  • @haitch @Gibsalot thanks guys!