WorldMine - Weekly payouts - crowetic managed - GPU/HDD mining

  • -[ANNouncement]- WorldMine asset release!

    Hello everyone, today I'm here with a very exciting announcement, the release of the WorldMine asset!

    This asset is the beginning of a relationship with some new partners of mine, which could end up bringing quite a bit more
    to the world of BURST!

    This asset is basically a test, to test the waters of the BURST Asset Exchange, and verify that a larger operation would
    be viable.

    This could mean a very large partnership for BURST, that would bring in many more users, services, and assets!

    Description -

    This asset is a mining asset, of which the farm is already 90% complete. The hardware is already up and running.
    The asset is comprised of GPU miners, and some HDD mining power. The farm is mostly GPU focused, as to bring value
    to BURST, by mining other coins
    , selling them, and purchasing BURST to payout asset holders. This is a test farm and
    test asset, to verify the viability of the BURST system for future projects, ones that will be much larger.

    The hardware that is currently running is...

    17 - AMD 480 GPU (with a few more being setup shortly)
    12 AMD 370 GPU
    56TB with another 40+TB being added shortly (will post final amounts when complete) - HDD mining for BURST

    Related info -

    The asset will start with WEEKLY PAYOUTS, starting on the second friday after the release (Friday the 13th in this case... lol.), and continuing every Friday.

    The asset will pay out indefinitely, as long as it runs, and crowetic will be managing and running the farm, so this
    means it will run for a very long time. All previous assets that crowetic has launched, have run indefinitely. This will
    continue. The farm will run 24/7 barring hardware issues or downtime. The investor that started the farm will hold 65% of
    the asset, and crowetic will hold 10% for management and other necessary fees for running the operation.

    The investors into the asset will not be paying for running costs, that will come from the owner's portion.
    If the farm needs to be upgraded to keep up with new hardware, etc, the upgrades will be planned and announced ahead of time.

    Information regarding the farm will be consistently updated, and a statistics page is being created to monitor the asset.
    For now, the mining pool information for the miners will be posted, as well as pictures of the equipment, to prove the farm.

    When the statistics page is finished completely, there will be a 24/7 video surveillance stream able to be viewed by
    anyone. In case people would actually like to SEE the hardware mining. Currently the hardware is running in a temporary
    location, while the final location is secured, so video will not be posted until the final location is secured.

    Mining info / Pictures -

    The mining related information will always be accessible to asset owners, and/or anyone wishing to see the hardware.
    The hardware information can be found here for now, with some pictures of the miners, etc...

    Picture link -

    Everything isn't in its final setup location yet, so the cable management, and making everything look perfect, etc.
    has not been done yet, once everything is moved to the final location, the rack (you can see in one of the pictures
    which was taken at the previous location that ended up not working out, during build process there) will be
    filled with GPUs, and will be lighted up with blue LED lights, after all cable management, etc has been done.

    Due to the first location not working out, the build had to be re-done a total of 3 times, which caused me delays,
    so I figured instead of continuing to wait while finishing everything up, moving to final location, and making
    the build look as beautiful as it will, I got everything running now in a temporary location, and decided to
    release the asset and give everyone a chance to get in on this!

    I can't wait to show what it will look like upon being finalized, it is going to be absolutely beautiful.

    Mining pool monitoring links -

    (These links are where the rigs are currently mining, I will update them if that changes as GPU mining is
    a fast-paced game in which you always must stay on top of it!) The statistics page that is in development
    will contain pictures, videos, and miner information for everything and where it is currently mining, etc.

    (currently GPUs are mining Zcash, but will be switching them over to XMR most likely, as my other miners seem to be giving better returns on XMR
    at the moment...)

    • XMR mining below (currently 5x370 and 5x480 mining XMR)

    To track XMR mining you can see it here... and search the address...


    • Zcash mining below (as of 1.12 everything back on ZCASH.)

    Zcash mining pool -

    BURST rig on - with name 'WorldMiner 1'.


    100% of the total farm is 1 million assets. 25% of the farm will be what is released to the public. There will be no fees, and solid returns for investors, the fees for running the farm will come from the farm owner, this makes it a solid investment for the people buying the asset.

    Also keep in mind that sometimes there are spikes in GPU mining coins, such as the release of Zcash. At these times, the extra coin mined,will go right to the asset! So this is essentially like owning your own farm without any of the hassle!

    Asset ID - 11783342878931880450

    Total Assets - 1M

    Release Structure -

    25% of the 1M available assets will be sold to the public. The rest will be held by the owners of the operation.
    The farm will be built and managed by crowetic and his personal team. Payouts will be managed by crowetic.

    50k shares at 90 BURST/each - Starting today (initial investors get lowest priced shares!)
    75k shares at 95 BURST/each - Starting after first is sold out
    75k shares at 100 BURST/each - Starting once second is sold out, or no later than Jan 15th even if others aren't sold.
    50k shares at 105 BURST/each - Starting once 3rd is sold out, or no later than Jan 30th even if others aren't sold.

    BTC purchase is available, if interested in purchasing with BTC, please contact crowetic. Must give enough notice if shares are running low.

    Get in to a great operation at the ground floor, while at the same time helping to further a large relationship with BURST and a newpartnership! Don't worry about paying fees for running your own miners, grab some of WorldMine asset, and collect dividends without the hassle! Don't worry about managing your own hardware, let us do that, you simply reap the rewards. 🙂 Thank you and enjoy!

    Many more features will be added to this asset, via a convenient web interface. Thank you for supporting this asset and project, and here's to a GREAT 2017 for BURST and related projects!

  • Asset officially released, information updated.

  • i am buying into if not for dividends but at least for profit that popular assets tends to generate in AE trading 🙂
    Now if only that frikin block gets generated to confirm my balance

  • Wow, what a great response! The first sale at 90 is almost completely sold out already! I'll be putting up the next batch shortly.

    Thank you everyone for the support!

  • Just wake up and ready to buy the asset.

  • The sale at 90 has been purchased, thanks again everyone!

    95 sale is up, and I'll likely put up the 100 sale by tonight, judging by how fast this is going!

    Thank you all very much for the support, and our new partners will be very pleased by this as well. 🙂

  • @crowetic
    I know you've been working diligently the last month getting this puppy up and running
    amidst some difficulty.
    All the best towards it being very successful.

  • GPU focused mining asset by admin. Nobody allowed to miss this asset. I am also very excited to see this new asset. Pick up some amount at 95 Burst, good luck @crowetic

  • admin

    @crowetic Bought some - but what exactly is this a test of ?

  • Got my self a bunch!

    I can certainly say this asset is really backed up and has great potential! Cant wait to see this bad boy grow.


  • By my calculations average weekly pay for one share would be around 0.245 (considering current data i could see from those links and calculating at 60 satoshi burst price).

  • @crowetic
    Is it better for BURST if people buy using BTC and if so could this be mentioned in the OP.

  • @MikeMike it is better if people pay with BURST (as the needed BURST must be bought first)

  • snagged me 50 shares... thx!

  • @LithStud so for me who bought at 95 Burst, it is about 0,2578% ROI every week for me or translating into year become 13,4105% ROI. Am I right?

  • @bandarfjb thats 0.245 BURST per share 🙂 so ~1% RoI at 95 burst per month (almost 1 burst a month per 1 share)
    Thats assuming i mathed right 🙂 havent slept all night 🙂 and not taking into account fluctuations in price for altcoins and burst and also decreases in rewards for blocks and so on.

  • Great great 🙂 I'd buy in, but I'm already GPU mining myself hehehe

  • Thank you everyone for the support!

    As for @haitch question, it is a test of the platform viability of BURST to be used for multiple new projects, the guys I'm working with are going to be building many new projects, of course I recommended using BURST for many things, this particular test would be using it as a manager for mining share sales in a mining operation.

    This is a 'test' because it is a small fraction of the full operation they're talking about putting together. This would mean big things for BURST, as well as everyone related to it!

    I of course, would like to see BURST get used for many things in the near future, the next thing I'll be showing them is the Marketplace and how to make use of this.

    While at the same time making additions for the statistics pages of the assets, and allowing for more to be done there.

    This will be very big for BURST if I can prove the viability of everything I've told them about so far.

    @Mikemike - I think buying in BTC or BURST is both good, BURST because it makes the person buy BURST before buying, and BTC because it would eliminate that much that is sold, if any has to be sold quickly. I'm hoping to talk them into not selling any until things are in a better sell position, and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to accomplish this.

    I'm hoping to get BURST used for many many things in the near future with this partnership. 🙂 There will also be other assets coming, and expansion of this one...

    Speaking of which... I've put together the 5x370 miner and it is now mining as well.

    I'm likely to switch all the miners over to XMR tomorrow.

    Thanks everyone, and talk to ya all tomorrow!

  • @crowetic very nice..I only saw this in bitcointalk this morning lol..

  • @crowetic Nice but all happened overnight for those of us in a different time zone. Next time would be nice to have some notice of release so that we could have had a crack at the Assets at 90.