Selling BSilver and BURSTize

  • Hi,
    My asset Vector has quite a few BSilver and BURSTize assets, which needs to be liquidated. I'm planning to invest in something else and I need some free Burst to do it.

    BSilver will be sold from:
    115 to 105 Burst. More asset bought = Lower price

    BURSTize will be sold from:
    130 to 101 Burst. More asset bought = lower price

    We can use the asset exchange as an escrow for this trade.

    Why are you not just selling this on the asset exchange?
    BURSTize and BSilver has too low volume to sell anything anything near 500'000 Burst

    How many assets are you selling?
    I'm selling 70'000 BURSTize and 60'000 BSilver.

  • burstsilver is selling for 115 at the exchange...

    can you post a link for info on burstSize

  • BSilver = 11249475790449858086
    BURSTize = 14692463117907261266