Deadlines not being confirmed by miner

  • I'm using @Blago's miner v1.160705. Around half of the blocks, at least one of my deadlines found will come back and say like:

    20:02:43 [ 4163282010088137402] found DL: 414905
    20:02:44 [ 4163282010088137402] sent DL: 414905 4d 19:15:05
    20:02:44 [ 4163282010088137402] NOT confirmed DL 414905

    And I noticed, on my pool (, I don't get any credit for deadlines that get "NOT confirmed". What is the cause of this, and is there anything I can do to avoid it? I've noticed my profits are ¬1/2 of what mining calculators tell me they should be.

  • The only reason I can see for this, is potentially that the wallet is being over-worked, but @haitch should have more comments on this.

    We're in the middle of pushing two updates to the wallet that should help this, and also in the middle of re-designing the pool software, which should also dramatically help.

    In the mean time, I would suggest potentially lowering the deadline limit on the pool @haitch, as the super high deadlines don't pay out much anyway. That should help the load of submissions to the wallet, and thus decrease the frequency of which these types of things happen.

    @IncludeBeer - the next versions of the pools will use multiple wallet instances to decrease the load on the wallet during massive amounts of submissions being sent to the wallet. Also, the db of the wallet is being upgraded, and a few other tweaks are being done to help these types of things, but IMO the pool software should play a big role in helping these types of issues.

  • @crowetic Thanks for the info. I wasn't sure if it was something on my end or something with the pool. I'll take a look at other pools for the moment and look forward to those updates! 😃

  • This post is deleted!

  • lol. Ya, I'm sure the pool software will benefit nicely from some updates and refactoring. I've always mined on the dev v2 pool, and always liked it best as it seems fastest. 99% of the time, deadlines are "found, sent, confirmed", all very rapidly. On other pools, sometimes its several seconds before I get the "sent" or "confirmed" message from the miner. Maybe it's just ample compute power wherever his pool software is sitting. Just an observation 😃

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    @IncludeBeer More likely miner volume - looking at - the Bigger pools have 6 - 7+ * more active miners.