need to know if I can correct a problem?????

  • Hey all,
    going to try to explain what i am seeing on the screen that shows the blocks that I am supposed to be mining. A new block comes up say 313957 it shows found DL sent DL with the amount of time for my computer and then a confirmed DL and confirmed time. When that is present i can see on the left side of the PIE CHART screen under current shares i can see the name of my wallet, but then i will get another block chain to show with NO found sent or confirmed DL and my deadline will be NO DEADLINE so i look at the current shares and no wallet name. Is there something that I am not doing so that I am apart of mining all blocks???? Or is it something else??

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  • dif pools have thresholds set for deadlines and will not take deadlines that are over a set time , each pool is different on deadline times. the blocks that you do not submit a deadline , the deadlines you found was not under the limit and not sent to pool. you could try moving to a pool that takes longer deadlines or add more HDD space to give better chance at faster deadlines. nothing wrong on your end your just not finding accepted deadlines for every block. happens with smaller miner's especially small miners on pools that take shorter deadlines

  • @Gibsalot ahhh ok I am in the midst of adding more TB now thank you!!!!!

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    @croydan1 While building up the farm, look at mining at or, or any of the other pools that accept longer deadlines.

    More details here: