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  • @socalguy, if only it were that easy!

    "When your wife finds out that you purchased 500TB in hard drives so you can mine more Burst."


  • @Evo Recently I bought some food for my wife. It was her favorite rolled tacos from her favorite place. As she was eating the second rolled taco, I told her that I used some of the money I made from Burst to help pay for the food.

    She's onboard with crypto now... 🙂

  • @socalguy, Good approach! My wife is mostly online; she asks everday "How's the mining going?" And every day there is a bit more in the wallet, so I say "It's going good, I made X yesterday".

    Recently she asked "How much have you made, total?" I've only been mining since February, and only serious since March, so I had a total of just under 100K Burst, which was over a grand in USD. Immediately her eyes lit up. "Well can we get it out and go buy XYZ?" She was disappointed when I said no, I was holding it and waiting for the day when it was worth a lot more.

    Since that day she's not quite so interested. I'm not sure how the "I need more hard drives" discussion would go. Which is exactly why I don't ask and just buy them quietly one or two at a time on my card. I knew being the one who did the bills would pay off someday!

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    @Evo My wife used to indulge my mining, but didn't like the noise. When I told her that what I'm building should earn more than my real life job, she became a lot more understanding .....