One More Time

  • So back in the day I use to party a lot. Most of the parties were at our house but there was also another place we use to party at all the time. We use to party at this place called WaBash. There was little rave there what seemed like every weekend. The memories that I've been able to hold onto were of fun, hanging out outside while smoking cigs, and tripping out in a corner next to a speaker.

    This one night, after partying at Wabash all night, the party ended and we began to walk down the street. All of a sudden, a friend of ours drove by with this song blasting threw his speakers. We all started screaming, jumping up and down, and talks began to start an after party. That little event turned into emails, which then turned into phone calls, then ended with us throwing another party at our house.

    While living there we had many parties. Many times the cops would show up and break it up. The cops were pretty chill since we lived near a college and they were not strangers to house parties. It was an awesome time in my life and yet scary while living in that house. There were a few moments, in that house, that I develop a problem. I knew the party had to end soon or I was going to go too deep into the rabbit hole. But I guess that is another little story for another time.

    The people that I lived at the time partied a lot. We had two turn tables setup in the house. One was in the living room and the other was in a bedroom towards the basement area of the house. This song wasn't a stranger to playing in the house. But it was that one moment, after leaving Wabash, that made me remember what that song meant for us and our lifestyle at the time. One more time.