Scam asset disposal.

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    If you were the unfortunate recipient of some scam assets, and want to get them out of your portfolio and deleted from the list of assets, I've set up a burner address you can send them to. To dispose of assets no longer worth anything, just send them to: BURST-ESXL-XNWN-3XDF-AAPKX

  • @haitch thanks a lot

  • @haitch Thanks I already send a few! Feels good to get rid of them.

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    @Propagandalf yep - get them out of your wallet, then the asset name out of the list of assets.

  • @haitch How about MTBurst? I Have about over 1k of that Asset?!?! Any news of that getting converted with M2M?!

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    @CesBurst1782 I don't consider MTBurst a scam. But if you want to be rid of them, send them over.

  • @CesBurst1782 @crowetic already holds ALL of the issued M2B assets for you guys the Mtburst assets are trash but you will get the same exact numbers of M2B as you had Mtburst. We're just waiting for the beta release to finalize everything , I would wait till the asset shares are distributed before sending haitch the old Mtburst assets , just incase , we would like everything to go smoothly 🙂

    tldr:; Don't send your Mtburst assets till we've switched over your shares to m2b please ! might make paying off the shares more difficult for @crowetic

    Edit: i will be sending the rest of the 2 million trash mtburst shares to haitch -

  • @dagentlemang When is the Beta expected to be released ?

  • @Castiel , Every time I've tried to give out a date, I haven't even come close I've decided to let you all just login and see for yourselves what's happening.! the whole logic for the betting system logic and depositing logic is there we're in the process of connecting everything and finishing touches on the front end we're 90% ? done I'd say, we've gotten lucky and added @lexicon to the mix of amazing talent on our team and with him, everything's been flying by!

  • M2B is most definitely NOT a scam. The development is very active and there have been more developers brought in to make sure it gets completed. It may be taking longer than expected, but there is no way that it is a scam.

    I personally came in to escrow for them and I fully back their asset. I would NEVER back a scam.

    Hold tight, and you'll be very happy that you did.

  • here's some information for others who may be wondering about M2B...

    alt text

  • @Castiel unfortunately brother like with most things the development of a project isn't easy and simple. and you can come across unforeseen roadblocks that extend the time it takes to release a project.

    theirs plenty of examples out there already where this happens. and due to this its often hard to give out deadlines. one change could cascade down the code causing an array of bugs to fix, we need to also extensively test the code we have written to find all eventuality where a user could do something unexpected and cause an error to occur halting the application. and theres probably many more im not mentioning. if you look at @crowetic's screenshot it shows theres constant development done on the files which means we are moving towards the goal of a release and moving at a very steady pace