I've Been Robbed !!

  • my burst account has been emptied what can i do !?? the recipitent is this robbing cunt BURST-FJDZ-U5M6-CYFY-9RA7L 8,300 gone 😞 how the hell can they capture my passphrase ?? this has put me right off this mining lark

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    I do not see the transaction in that account. What is your burst address?

  • pardon my language !! im fuming !!


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    @haitch Need to look at this

  • @JunglEDoN well i can see a outgoing transaction made from your wallet in 26/12/2016... Regarding to that transaction nothing can be done but your passphrase should be small for someone been able to get in your account...

  • im scrolling throu the tranz time line on that wallet and ever wallet i click on that did several transactions with that wallet in a vary short amount of time. sent all burst to that wallet and are now 0 bal.

  • from what i can tell every transaction of over 50 burst that i click on the wallet is now at 0 burst and its last transaction was to send all burst to that address

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    @JunglEDoN was your pass phrase a secure one - the 12 word system generated one, or a self created one? I had an account for testing with a short insecure passphrase, it got hacked and emptied.

  • vary unlikely it was hacked if it was a pre generated pass phrase even a self made pass phrase that is set up like the pre generated would be just as hard to hack... its more likely your comp got hacked or some one had access to it and you have your pass phrase saved in document form for easy copy paste and they knew and understood what it was.

  • Were you solo mining? Do you mine other altcoins?
    Was your wallet opened from the phone? Computer? Do you have antvirus software installed on the computer then run a virus check?

  • it was a passphrase that was too short but no way anyone would of guessed it. i woud say if what gibsalot is correct and a load of accounts were emptied then this would be a vulnerability in the wallet software as the only place i stored any passwords was within the wallet but the my main mining wallet still has coins in it. could this be a vulnerability within the network ? could some one capture and interrogate packets and be able to decrypt ? i wish i fully understood !

  • @JunglEDoN Best advice is to take it as a life lesson and not repeat the same mistake, short passphrases can easily be guessed using a dictionary attack.

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    @JunglEDoN Short password can be brute forced - had it happen to one of my accounts.

    And no, password couldn't be sniffed over the wire if you using one of the burst-team.us online wallets, they're all SSL encrypted.

  • @JunglEDoN so sorry for your loss..

    make a new wallet and i will send you 1k bursts tomorrow when i wake up.. It's not a lot but it will help you get started again.. don't give up.. I lost over 60 btc in the last 3 years from scammers and thieves and hackers and am starting from 0 again..but as long as i live i will never give up.. Crypto means real freedom but we must fight for it.. sending you many best wishes, the burst bag lady..

  • @qibucks that is such a very kind and warming offer, but i could not accept it. I am putting it down to experience. it happened,it was my fault so i need to bear consequence.

    thank you all . lesson learnt

  • @JunglEDoN It's my birthday tomorrow so I want some good luck to come my way, so IF i can give you a little ounce of happiness, it will go lucky for me in 2017 so do it for me lol..send me a pm with your addy..I usually bring a lot of good luck to other peeps, so think of it as ur lucky 1k Burst :)..It will make me happy t make you smile on my birthday 🙂 ..The Burst Bag lady sending hugglies.. I think I must be the oldest person here hahah I am 51 tomorrow.