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  • Why using Burst is so complicated?
    I created my Burst Local Windows Wallet around 1 week ago. I put to download the blockchain and it finished to download in 3 days.
    Then, when I refreshed the wallet, it didn't allow me to access the Local Wallet anymore and advised me to clear my database. I did it, but when I entered again; I had to re-download the blockchain.
    It started downloading pretty fast: in just 5 hours it downloaded 70%. After that, it stays just at this mark. It have been already 3 days since it stays at 70% and it doesn't download any further.
    What should I do? If you want that people would use Burst to raise its price, why don't you make it more simple and easy to understand?

  • Downloading is taking a long time for me too. It finished and reported the wrong total coin. I cleared DB and still waiting for the blockchain. It could be a bad peer. The online version works fine though.

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    @Cornel stop the wallet, download the DB from . Extract the zip into <your wallet>\burst_db , then restart the wallet - you'll be up to date in 15 - 30 minutes.

  • @haitch, may I ask what DB is?

  • @Cornel the transactions history since genesis block

  • You say the DB means: "the transactions history since genesis block".
    I don't understand what is it either, but anyway; if I get this DB, does it mean that I will not need to download the blockchain anymore and will be able to start plotting and mining without the necessity to wait for the blockchain to download?

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    @Cornel DB = the blockchain DataBase. The zip is a copy of the blockchain zipped up and made available sometime in the last 24 hours. Instead og having to download the whole blockchain, you only need the updates since the zip was created.

  • Sorry for my clueless, I'm a total beginner. What do you mean by: "Extract the zip into <your wallet>\burst_db"?

  • @Cornel said in Blockchain downloading:

    Sorry for my clueless, I'm a total beginner. What do you mean by: "Extract the zip into <your wallet>\burst_db"?

    For instance, the path to my burst database folder (burst_db) is: C:\Users\Propagandalf\AppData\Roaming\BurstWallet\burst_db

    The zip needs to be extracted into that location, but with your username of course (assuming you are using Windows and assuming you are using the all-in-one-wallet).

  • So now, it repeats again. Every time after the blockchain is downloaded I can't open the Local Wallet. It says:
    """""""Your local wallet hasn't started yet. It can take up to 10 minutes to start up. Try it again later
    Please check that you have Java installed!
    Download Java here:
    and then restart the Burst Client.
    If your local wallet doesn't start at all you can clean up the database.
    Go to "Help" -> "Clean up DB".""""""""""
    I tried every 20 min to come back, but is still the same. I also have the Java installed. I really don't know what to do.

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    @Cornel If you're having problems with the local wallet, in the AIO client select to use the online wallet. There is no need to run a wallet locally.

  • i had same issue been using the online side of the AIO for little over a month every time i close out the burst client the DB gets corrupt and i would get the same message saying to download Java or clean up DB wait 20 min.

  • But as I understood, the online wallet is not so safe as the local one; besides, I'm not sure if it's possible to mine with the online wallet...

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    @Cornel I run the online wallet - it's completely safe. Your interactions are SSL encrypted, even I can't see what you're doing. If you're solo mining, you need to submit your nonces to the wallet, if you're pool mining you submit it to the pool and never talk to the wallet.

  • you can mine with no wallet and only need the wallet numeric ID # to plot , if using the stand alone app's

  • So far, I just found tutorials about mining with the local wallet. Where can I find tutorials or material regarding mining with an online wallet?

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    @Cornel Are you solo or pool mining ?

    If pool mining set your reward recipient to the pool, and mine to it's address.

    If solo mining, mine to the wallet address - either local or online.

  • One more thing: I bought from with btc around 17,000 bursts. Then I withdrew it to my local wallet.How will I be able to access this 17,000 bursts if it doesn't allow me to open the local wallet?

  • local wallet is just a wallet that you hoste local , the coins are in your wallet and its data is stored on the block chain , all you need is your pass phrase and can access your wallet from any wallet node , online or local.