[DIY] Simple Amplifier for my 5.1 speaker system

  • Thought it might be interesting for someone and also an exercise for me to document such things 🙂

    So it been a while my 5.1 audio system decided to not work anymore. While it was from a shitty vido dvd player it still was better than just TV speakers. So i tried to have some electrician to fix it. Well the result: not worth fixing as it will cost more than buying something similar 😃

    Its been now something like 2 years since, still no new amp for my speakers, using tv to watch movies. Couple days back while i was procrastinating and not coding, thought to myself why not build my own amp, i do understand basics in electronics and been dabbling in it from time immemorial as a hobby. Thus started my search through the WWW for schematics, videos and explanations of how amps work, what you need to make one and so on.

    Best part, i probably gonna need to buy just some parts as i can still use a lot from that broken amp!

    I will trie to update this thread from time to time on how things are going for me, post some photos (both from dismantling old amp and how new one is coming along) 🙂

  • Just for start 🙂 this is a part from old system. Thats pretty much the whole amplifier. Already desolldered a couple parts. Those at the top are the actual chips tesponsible for amplifying sound 🙂 hope all are good (gonna start witb one channel first and build from there, so not a huge deal if some is dead).
    My implementation wont look as cool, but should do its job just as well if not better 🙂