Accesing Local Wallet Thru LAN

  • Is there anything I need to change on the config file toaccess the wallet locally thru LAN?

    I open the TCP 8125 port thru windows firewall but still not connecting from the other PC.

    Ping is working, shared folder can be access.

    Local wallet IP is

    I can access the wallet thru localhost:8125 but not on on same PC

  • @Yey_09 in conf/
    modify nxt.allowedBotHosts= and nxt.allowedUserHosts= to reflect ip or ranges of ip you want to allow access
    restart wallet

  • @damncourier ok thanks I'll try that

  • @Yey_09 i forgot one

    instead of
    i always overlook that one

  • Hi, I'm trying the same from my Mac to a Headless Ubuntu System in my Home Network. I Opened the Ubuntu Firewall Ports and edited the config File as described, but it still doesn't work. When I try to access "local_IP:8125" from my Mac the page doesn't load.
    Anyone an Idea what I could do else?

    Thank You!

  • @teletobi

    I think this works on both mac and ubuntu (but not sure I dont own a mac), run the following on the wallet "server" : netstat -a

    And then depending on your port and selected host, it should show up, if it doesent then its your config. if it does and it still doesent accept requests then it could be a UFW issue on the ubuntu server (if thats the one hosting the wallet) then run sudo ufw allow PORT.

  • Thanks a lot, it was the second command that worked out. Now everything is working fine!