3 different harddrives 3 different burst wallet one computer... mine the same time

  • So i have 3 harddrives with 4 tb in them.They are owned by 3 different people but we have only one computer so we want them all running on the same computer They all have been ploted succesfully. They all have there own account/wallet. but when i run/mine them all toghter it wont work, i get a error message saying that i have no reward assign but as soon as i pull out 2 of the harddrives from the computer the one that is left mines perfectly. Even when 1 harddrive is mining and the others are not but still plugged into the computer it wont work it only works when 1 harddrive is connected. What is the best way to solve this problem?

  • Due to the fact it sounds like you have three separate wallets you need to ensure that all wallets have the reward ID set. To simplify the process I would set them all to the same pool. If they are not all set to the same pool then you would have to run multiple instances of the miner.


  • @robel You will need to have 3 miner processes running at the same time and each will have its own config file and set the reward assignment for each account. Make 3 copies of the miner folder and configure each individually, that should work.

  • admin

    @robel You can use one Blago's miner instance with different plots (from different wallet IDs). Just point them all to the same pool. You have to do the reward assignment for each wallet ID.