New to the group and new to crypto curriencies

  • Hello and thanks for such a great group to learn how to take advantage of this new and great opportunity. At this moment im plotting a new 3 TB drive. I think this will take some time as I started plotting last night and its still slugging away and its nearly noon. Looking forward to mining. And look forward to being part of this group who so far seems helpful to the extreme.
    Any others from Alberta on this forum?


  • Ok I tried to access the faucet's today and every time I try it says "Sorry, faucet could not access wallet in order to send your BURST. Please try again later." I was unable to access faucet yesterday as well. But was able to do so the day I created my wallet. Any idea whats happening?

    Thanks a bunch.


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    @Alamodem The faucet ran out of funds, I've topped it up.

  • Wonderful News. I was worried my wallet was broken or something and had to start again. 😉

  • Is there anyone out there that wouldnt mind a phone call to chat about this hard drive plotting and starting mining? My dime of course. As long as they are in Canada or the U.S.

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    @Alamodem PM me your number

  • Done. and thank you very much.

  • Ending day 3 of plotting my hard drive. lol. I am guessing a 3 TB Drive has approximately 12 million nonces. After 3 days im at 11.1 million nonces. 😉 Once plotting is done. Is mining slow too? Debating turning my 3 TB external into an internal. Once the plotting is done will it mater?

    Thank a bunch Focus for the awesome help!!