Burstcoin Value

  • When are professionals or avid Burstcoin miners/users believing its value will rise to a substantial amount? And what effects burstcoins value on the market?

  • Burst has a lot going for it and has the potental to be a first class crypto coin. as far as its value that is determined buy the number of people selling VS buying Burst on the exchange. the only way to directly effect that other than a pump and dump is to create ways to use Burst that will give incentives for New people to start using and buying burst. several assets on the market now that mine other coins and then sell them for burst. this is a good push from them. unfortunatly because of burst alternat way of mining ther are alot of poeple that mine burst as a side coin only to sell it. also we have the Burst Casino ran by @Zeus that has been operational for a little wile and has driven a fair amount of volume of new people to burst throu his gambling site and Adam's promotions on youtube. in the works are another Burst Gambling site Made2Burst from @dagentlemang . also there are lots of idea being tossed around of ways to make Burst more useable as a coin if and when they are added. as far as possible value the sky is the limmit , and will only be caped by # of people willing to adopt and use burst and # of ways to use burst in the real world.. at some point with more and more ways to use burst being added we will hit a critical point when we have more people wanting burst than people willing to sell and the value will go up. the goal is to keep it going up buy contenualy adding more ways to use burst.

  • @Gibsalot
    So if the burst community can advertise and sell the idea of Burstcoin to the public, of all countries we will see as huge rise in its value. We could sell to them the costless simplicity of mining bitcoin without the immense power usage and costs in comparison to bitcoin.

  • yes that is one way of geting more people to join the burst community, however at this point i think it's more importain for the community to get creative and add new ways to use the burst we have. if you cant do anything with it, its essentuly worthless given its potential id say for the moment its way under valued and will make a good investment just to buy and hold , there has been alot of activity in the last few months that i dont think reflects on the curent value of burst at the exchanges. with more stuff being rolled out every day, or being worked on. the big things i see boosting burst value once they ither get attention with the masses or are completed / updated are #1 mining burst effectivly on a phone or tablet, #2 automatic transaction's being rolled out like the lottery one recently tested, #3 Burst useable gambling sites coming online and being updated streamlined geting any bugs out the system, and stating to look like a virtual casino in vegas. #4 the real big booster a revamp of the burst market place to make it look feel and function similar to an E-Bay / Amazon with a button built right into the all in one wallet client...................... some of them are alredy out and working but have not caught on yet in the main stream , some are there and function but are realy kinda ruff around the edges but do " function " others are being talked about right hear in the fourms or on Alt Tec chat. but all will bring major change to burst as a push in the right direction.

  • @Gibsalot All that sounds like it would really help create attraction to Burstcoin. What uses does bitcoin have in comparison to burstcoin. I thought it was basically the same but with the exception of it having great gambling sites.

  • @George.L I feel that the Asset Exchange that is built into the client(wallet) alone, is a GREAT way to get people to buy 'Burst'! Genius!

  • @tradz true, but we need something more to attract more people so its value increases. We dont want to be waiting x number of years for it to increase, if we can forcibly market and add more uses to burstcoin, and increases its value aty a much faster rate. other wise our investments will be payed off in much later years to come

  • @George.L A very understated point is that Burstcoin is stored on the block chain not on your computer as Bitcoin. If you lose your hard drive or it fails without a backup of that hard drive then you lose all your Bitcoins, where as Burst you use your hard drive to mine not store your coins. The only way you can obtain a copy of your accounts balance is to download the block chain, but by no means is it as sensitive as bitcoin. In turn this adds more confidence in the end user to have their Burst on their phone even if there is a chance you may lose it. @daWallet Maybe the next step to increase security in the Burstcoin wallet is have the passphrases, Password protected this will decrease the chance that someone could empty your account by clicking "load passphrase".

  • @George.L This is what long-term means, right! Investments are made to sit on [email protected] 2-5yrs. so they have time to work themselves out. The '3urst' team is on it! and yes faster results wouldn't hurt but still, have to give investments time ;)
    I missed out on the burstcasino asset ;( That one went to the roof! Next time I hear of a burst casino coming out along with an asset(s), I will be purchasing ASAP!

  • @tradz said in Burstcoin Value:

    Next time I hear of a burst casino coming out along with an asset(s), I will be purchasing ASAP!

    There is already one more out that you can check in the asset section.

  • @Propagandalf Ooh, I will checkout now ;)

  • @Propagandalf btcdragon huh! Think it will be as big as BurstCasino?

  • @tradz said in Burstcoin Value:

    @Propagandalf btcdragon huh! Think it will be as big as BurstCasino?

    There's no reason why not! As long as it pays out its asset holders and players, and the game itself is fair and fun, then yes. :) There's room for competition on this front, and they are different kinds of casinos at the moment anyway, so they are not clones.

  • @Propagandalf Nice ;)

  • @AngryChicken Glad you pointed this out to us. Even though I heard of some people losing bitcoin due to losing their hard drives, I wasn't thinking of Burst being any different. In-fact, I was just thinking about the security of our Burst coins. So, you say that if someone losses their phone, they can still get them back from the blockchain. I must be [email protected] moment cuz I can't think about this right now lol
    I will have to look into this ;)

  • @tradz btcdragon casino asset is out..

  • @qibucks Did you buy them up Mrs.Burst Bag Lady! lol I believe this is what they call you? Thx for the heads up. Do you know when more will become available?

  • @tradz helloooooo I bought over 5% yes.. hehehee I think early next week we might see more the Gentleman said :) I will keep an eye out.. me to am knackered past 11 pm here..have a great night..

  • Hey all, what happening with burstcoin. value has gone up 23% in the last hours (1:23 PM PT)

  • @PeterSkrzyniarz There are so many assets founded by community to boost Burstcoin Price that I'm not surprised with Burst's jumps. In addition almost every single cryptocurrency has boost in price so I guess it's simply good times for us^^ Enjoy and hold it cause I believe that we can reach far higher than this^^ (Hope it won't drop below 200sats anymore ^^)
    10kk market cap by the end of the month? :P