LUCKY?!? :D (WoW)

  • Hi guys.. I was wonder if this guy is a very lucky person or he didn't kill his miner for the rest of his life? 😃

    Credits to BBrowser Mining Wallet
    First transaction 2016-10-10 15:06:09 (3 months)
    Last transaction 2017-01-12 07:29:36 (12 hours)
    No. Transactions 150
    Total Received 70,701.32 Burst
    Total Sent 66,911.05 Burst
    Balance 3,766.28 Burst (0.00218444 BTC)
    Mined Blocks 26 (64,867 Burst)
    Pool Mined Balance 10,644 Burst
    Solo Mined Balance 0 Burst
    Rich List Rank 5,572

    His miner have 0.7 TB of storage and it forged 26 blocks (WoW) for just 3 months.. i caught my attention for such a low capacity and he solved this many blocks.

    i was wondering if he's just lucky or any tips for that possibility? 😃

  • admin

    @xmagmax If he's mining with Blago's miner, the 0.7TB reported is the capacity of one miner. He could have 100TB over several miners, but the pool only reports one of them.

  • @haitch yes he's using blago with AVX.

    can you explain further? 😃 about the 100tb over several miners?

    he's running in multiple miner? 😃 thanks

  • admin

    @xmagmax Blago's miner reports to the pool the size of the plot it's mining. If you're mining on multiple machines, it only reports the capacity of one of them. On it shows my capacity as either 17TB or 43TB normally, but I actually have over 100TB on that account, but over 4 miners.

  • @haitch ahh i see you have 4 mining pc with only 1 account running then 😃 now im relieved 😛 thanks Haitch !!!