Rig Setup

  • Hey guys,

    Sorry but i was just curious on what most people are running all there hard drives on?. A single tower with a montior? multiple towers with 20T hard drives to each?

    what is optimal?

    Thank you

  • i have a dedicated PC in my closet with no monitor or keyboard,
    before i moved it into my closet , i installed a remote server on it so i can control it from my laptop, https://www.realvnc.com/
    the PC itself is a ex printing companys' main computer and it also served as a data/image storage so the motherboard has 8 sata slots so i could run 80TB off it if i wanted to 🙂 and pretty soon hope to!

    thats what i run , and it works well for me

  • o0o wow I like the remote server thing and check it on my laptop, that's smart.

    Guess I can look for a burner pc, the sata ports don't matter so much if you have usb extenders and what not right? they make like a 10 row strip, or is it better to just plug it directly to the motherboard and not go the extension route

  • get a dedicated pci usb 3.0 card then get a usb 3.0 hub , do not get usb 2.0 what ever you do! its crap compared to 3.0, instead of that you could even open the external harddrive case and inside is a normal internal hard drive, you can take off the 3rd party motherboard that turns the sata into usb and use it as you would a hard drive , install it inside you case , plug in sata and power from the power-supply, when doing it that way , you will void your warranty on the Drive

  • Very smart good idea...im going to get the ball rolling on a tower and start off with a 5TB and work my way up

  • You could also use team viewer as an alternative, it also allows file transfers and automated updates as well. I like it because it starts up with the pc so if there's ever a power outage I can always access it without any trouble.

    But to answer your original question my computer has ~50TB in 8TB Seagate Drives that where pulled out of external cases. The tower does have a monitor just use team viewer or what ever your comfortable with to access it. You will need to plug it into a monitor to set it up first but I recommend your TV. Buying a monitor for a dedicated Burst Mining PC is a waste of money.

    As for an optimal setup it depends on how powerful your processor is or if you are using a graphics card. Just make sure your drives are done scanning in less than 40 seconds and that's good enough for 96% of all blocks