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  • We have been here for several months and we never even thought of introducing ourselves. ADSactly is not running by One Man named Micah, there are actually many Grand Founders, all over the World. We have established a Meritocratic Organization Model to help build and manage the ADSactly Community.

    We Split up this Introduction Across several posts below because it was way too long and didn't look good when being read.

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    It's my birthday today and will be busy over the weekend with family etc but from Monday will be active and I joined the forum too.. ❤

  • We Plan to be a lot more Transparent with the BURST Community going forward. Due to the involvement of several Bitcoin and cryptocurrency Pioneers helping with ADSactly's Developments and Projects. We have to be careful as to what we share with the public in terms who we introduce to who etc. ADSactly is not a Company or a Business it is not Registered in the physical world. You could say that we are Pioneering one of the first true Blockchain Entities that doesn't have any Owners whatsoever like BITCOIN for example.

    The ADSactly Crypto-Asset will help provide the Funds and Resources to Real Companies, Businesses, Non-Profits, N.G.O's and above all Unique Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies like BURST, Horizon, GameCredits, OKCash and many more. We are Cooperating within many of these areas of interest and various industries.

    We have Associates in Countries like Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Russia, South Africa, U.K, Ireland, Spain, Cambodia, Ghana, Botswana, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Jamaica, Brazil, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and much more.

    ADSactly is not meant to replace or compete with anything out there in the cryptoworld. We are much more interested in Cooperating within and between crypto projects, real estate investments, forex trading, agriculture, alternative energy, and much more we have already set up private contracts between some of these entities and ADSactly. Through either verbal agreement, private contract for hire or written commonlaw contracts. We haven't started using Smart Contracts as of yet however are developing these services inside the ADSactly KOAD Platform.

    We keep the price of ADSactly Units low because we want to give everybody a chance to have the ability to share in the wealth that ADSactly Generates we will be increasing the Daily Dividends to Match the Current Price of ADSactly Units which will be set at 100 BURST each after publishing this post. We do not want to see ADSactly Units secured by a small group of people who would only use them for the purpose of profit making, PnD, nefarious purposes at everyone elses expense.

    Have a Great Day. We are off to Sell some ADSactly Units to private companies that understand exactly what private offerings are and the potential they have to becoming very wealthy through sharing in the Weath that this Autonomous Decentralized Society is quietly building.

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    From our first meetings a few months back you guys seemed of our sort.
    The more I learn the more I am convinced.
    Glad you and Crow made those connections.

  • We have established relationships with Ambassadors in over 40 Countries, Directors in over 20 Countries and Grand Founders from ALL over the World.

    ADSactly is not a Project it is an Autonomous Decentralized Society / Community that is acting cooperatively to leverage everybody's efforts and help everybody within the community to find exactly what they need when they need it most!

  • The Orginal ADSactly was Founded in 2012 and was an Advertising Exchange that grew to over 3000+ Free and Paid Members the Products and Services that were offered were Marketing Services like URL Rotators, Email Marketing Tools, and Web Page Creators. Micah was not the Owner and Founder there was a Man that is still Marketing his services online that Founded and Owned ADSactly. He was simply another Member of the platform and was utilizing the Hosting Services and Marketing Services.

    Micah worked with ADSactly as an independent associate for over 2 Years helping Market and Advertise the Products and Services as an Affiliate in exchange for commissions which were foregone because we believed in reinvesting the earnings back into the platform to grow the services and pay for marketing etc.

  • Our Founder Micah started learning about BITCOIN in 2012 and other Cryptocurrencies like LiteCoin, PPC, and he purchased a few when BITCOIN was only about $20.00 a piece! Hindsight is 20/20, imagine if he would have known where BITCOIN would be Today? Anyways He took the time to research everything there was to know about cryptocurrency, crypto-assets, crypto-tokenization systems, Smart Contracts, P2P Trading, OTC Trading etc.

    In 2014 ADSactly.com and ALL the Properties Domains, Websites, Logos were Given to Micah, The Former Owner Randy left to pursue other projects and was no longer interested in taking ADSactly where we wanted to Go with it.

  • ADSactly was converted into a Decentralized Autonomous Community and after several years of trying to figure out exactly what ADSactly is exactly, we decided to try experimenting with our own private cryptocurrency that was going to be traded within our community. However, the Development Team that we chose to do create the coin for us made us believe that it was a simple process of creating and listing a cryptocurrency on the market and than collecting money for future developments.

    They did not tell us that there were many things required to maintain the cryptocurrency, website, nodes, etc. To be completely honest we didn't know exactly what we were getting ourselves into. The Cryptocurrency had the Currency Symbol (ADX) however as we never listed it on the cryptocurrency exchanges we never managed to do much of anything with it.

  • However, It was a great learning experience. In 2016 we started a private Cryptocurrency Trading Club where we collected resources from a total of 30 People that were interested in learning how to Trade Cryptocurrencies and also share in the wealth that was generated by the collective trading efforts.

    The private Cryptocurrency Trading Club was so successful that we managed to collect 20K for starting out. The Club was not attached to ADSactly at that time. However, When the Community Fund grew so large we had to find a way to share the Wealth that was being generated from the profits we were generating from our trading efforts.

  • We decided to create a private crypto-asset that would be backed up by ALL the Cryptocurrencies we were storing in the Vault. We originally created it with the thought of only having 100,000,000 Units in Total and it was listed on the Horizon Asset Exchange which is also a Clone of NXT with many modifications to remove most of the code that built by the NXT Core Team.

  • We met @nameless who was following the ADSactly Community Fund in our Slack Group which is now inactive and he was very interested in collaborating with his Asset called Silver on the Horizon Asset Exchange.

    After a few Months of working together with him, he introduced us to @crowetic and we immediately saw the Vision he had for BURST, Which was very similar to ADSactly yet not in a Competitive manner in any way shape or form. We see ADSactly as an Integral part of the BURST Currency and Community and we have already started investing our resources into Real Crypto-Assets on the Burst Exchange.

  • We Also Introduced another 100,000,000 ADSactly Units on the BURST Asset Exchange and started the initial offering at only 10 BURST each this was the starting rate. We were already selling ADSactly Units for 1500 SATS each OTC privately to cryptocurrency pioneers, marketers, contributors, traders, and we successfully sold about 50% of the initial supply on the Horizon A.E.

    We are telling this to show you that we are Transparent we don't have any Owners only Community Members which I happen to be one of the Many Ambassadors.

    Here are a few of the Successful Long Term Trades we have made when we first started the Community Fund were the following.

    Purchased - 1000 Ethereum on average of $0.60 - $1.10

    Purchased - 400,000 GAMECredits on average of 0.01 - 0.015 cents each.

    We also purchased NEM during the Initial Crowd Sale for $30 via PayPal and we were given an equal stake of 2,250,000 XEM when it was released on the market about one year later.

    Our Cryptocurrency Vault Holdings are listed below.


    If anybody has any questions regarding ADSactly feel free to contact us anytime.

    Please feel free to Join the ADSactly Community Forum to learn more about what we do.


  • @adsactly is nice to read over this post. I love the idea behind all this! I am deeply sorry I did not get to read before the thread when adsactly share where given away for 10 burst 😕 Did you know btw that Micah is the angel of Unity? The name I mean 🙂

  • That was a nice read @adsactly 🙂

  • @vExact said in Hey Burst Community from ADSactly:

    @adsactly is nice to read over this post. I love the idea behind all this! I am deeply sorry I did not get to read before the thread when adsactly share where given away for 10 burst 😕 Did you know btw that Micah is the angel of Unity? The name I mean 🙂

    Yeah Micah also means "One who is like God"