We might see an ice age within our lifetime.

  • On 11 Jan 2017 I found a live wasp in my house lol It was full grown and only found 1. If you ask me Germany is getting warmer. I came here in 1987 and it completely different from what I remember.

  • Ice age in terms of temperature yes.But I can't imagine ice sheet covering Europe or Canda...at least not in our life time:)

  • @Ip85 ice sheet no, but i think we will have enough problems even without it :D

  • I would expect to see more tornado's in central Europe plus more European type hurricanes. The winters are getting milder and milder till it wont really get cold anymore. The way the clouds rushed by my house the other day make me think the earth has a self cleaning mode we dont know about.

  • @LithStud Yes I doubt we will have major harden ice sheets found all over the world. And yes the earth can self clean itself but it is having a hard time keeping up with the damage. Also ice sheets do not need to occur to cause wide spread damage to the population.

    The ice and snow is just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended). We will see a drastic cut in food production in areas that supply large amounts of food. This will be due to frost developing on the crops. Frost occurs when the temperature of air falls below the freezing point of water (0 °C, 32 °F, 273.15 K). Sure we can grow crops in areas closer to the equator but the logistics to supply the world will be insane and extremely difficult. If there are longer than normal food shortages, neighbors will become enemies and gangs will develop to gather food from weaker folks. History has shown that when humans get hungry, all rules go out the window.

    We will also see cold and flu occurrences for frequent. Disease will spread more rapidly and with greater force. This is because everyone will have some level of a existing cold and flu and being exposed again and again to others getting sick will weaken immune systems. You can also forget antibiotics being helpful in the future.

    I think there is also a confusion that the entire world will experience an ice age. The truth is, some parts of the world will become extremely hot and dry. Water supplies and food will vanish in those areas and people will have to move. Also, other areas will become so heavily wet that no one will be able to live there.

    All of this will be due to the ocean which is a complete mess right now. I live on the coast and we see high amounts of trash and small plastic particles everywhere in the water and on the beach. You literally can not find a square foot of ocean water that doesn't have plastic or trash. It's everywhere and it's sad.

    As I said earlier, the salinity of the ocean is becoming more diluted with fresh water. This has caused massive coral destruction which feeds fish and plants. Phytoplankton, which can be found in the ocean, contribute 50 to 85 percent of the oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere. If the Phytoplankton in the ocean die off to extreme levels, due to diluted salinity levels, then ice sheets will be the least of our concerns in the future.

  • @socalguy so to sum it up - we are screwed and not see that you need to be a special kind of stupid :)

  • Maybe I'll start a new asset based on this, "Operation Flannel Pants", If only I could figure out how this would work. Capitalization at it's best


  • @IceBurst how bout "Hard Drive Sweat Shop" rotfl just joking :)

  • Yes, the cooling has begun.

    A period of warming typically precedes a rapid cooling. That is what we have experienced over the past several decades. It is very much about changes in the Sun, but it is also affected by the new region of space that our solar system has entered. As a result, levels of radiation are gradually rising, but not to worry, our DNA will adjust and actually become more engaged/efficient.

    The Earth/oceans are conducting a systemic cleanse/rejuvenation. Yes, parts of the Earth where we used to grow food will no longer be fertile, while at the same time, areas where very little could grow will become very fertile.

    Humanity is becoming empowered like never before and the planet is adjusting/adapting in a way that will supports that.

    Fear not. Instead, consider evolving/expanding your consciousness in a way that enables you to thrive in the unfolding new environment/reality that is emerging on the planet. Much of humanity will not do so, and for them, there will be extensive struggle/difficulty. Those that do will be called upon to help/lead in significant ways that are not easy to imagine/comprehend at this point.

    Do what you need to do to ensure your own well-being - as a priority; that is what will then enable you to be of assistance to others.