Greetings and Salutations I am a neophyte and want to start mining soon.

  • I am plotting an additional TB drive on my home PC and I am very hopeful for some decent returns. I have also had some pitfalls. The Burstcoin Faucetts did not recognize my wallet address so I ended up making multiple Wallets and could not remove them afterwards. My frustrations were somewhat laid to rest when I checked out Adam Guerbuez youtube video and I got to see BurstCoin's #1 Crowetec and his huge list of wallets lol. After many tries I finally got a Faucet to send me 5 BurstCoin and was then informed I did not have a public key I ended up taking the sage advice I found on this forum I updated my profile, I sent a Burst to the Wallets developer whos address I found in the About section of the Windows wallet posted with the question "wanna buy me a beer? A Single Burst would with out a doubt not buy him a beer. It did lead me to getting the public key I had been seeking.

    I also unfortunately spent my 5 burst coin. During my quest for Free Faucet money and a public key my computer was and is still plotting my 1TB E drive. My wallet is now synched and I was left with the need for a few more BURSTCoin to get the mining underway.... So I continued to explore more unfamiliar territory. I signed up for a POLONiEX exchange account. I transferred a small test amount of BTC to POLONEX and exchanged it for BURST intending to send it back to my wallet and much to my chagrin as if some Malevolent Cyber Space Snidely Whiplash intervened on my growing anticipation of mining bliss I found out my Poloniex BURST wallet was temporarily disabled. I feared my account was closed. I notice the scrolling chat of the Troll Box offered in the Poloniex Exchange so I typed my distress to strangers who were chatting about PUMP and DUMP and rumors of the best dates to sell and when the next bubble might come. I typed that my account was suspended. When someone from the Troll Box typed" its only your wallet for the coin you traded"

    I realized that there were other coins that also had the grey temporarily disabled marker by their call letter so I also consulted this Forum and found out that this has happened to others. My E drive is now %52 plotted and I am very excited to learn more. Cryptocurrency and the BURSTCOIN flavor of my day are an absolute adventure....