• Hi folks,

    I would like to start a couple of new services here if the community will think they are useful.


    About the COLLATERAL BASED INSTANT LOANS, I'll provide loans with 0.15% daily interest for a maximum of 100 000 BURST (during the test period), for 7 days, 15 days or 30 days repayment timeframes.
    I'll provide 90% of the collateral, so if you wish to get 100 000 BURST you should lock as collateral 110 000 BURST or equivalent untill the full repayment and than it will be credited back!
    Collateral based is the only safe way to provide an instant loan (at least at the beginning).

    Why ask a loan if you have to capital already? Simple, because with the same collateral you can ask several different loans and "moltiply" your initial capital!
    I'm going to accept these collateral:

    1. BURST
    2. BITCOIN

    For this test phase if you want to request a loan please PM me or add my skype (CCMINER.CF), later if the community will approve this project I'll create a website and probably and ASSET!

    About the INSTANT EXCHANGE, I'll change Bitcoin, major altcoins, and for the higher reputation members of the forum only (200 or more reputation minimum), FIAT, into BURST.
    I'll exchange a minimum of 0.01 BTC or equivalent, and I'll charge 0.5% for the service.
    For now this service will work via PM or SKPE (CCMINER.CF) if the community will appreciate it, I'll create a website that will offer a service similar to shapeshift.io, and probably I'll release an ASSET

    If you guys think that the community doesn't need these services please just let me know via comment and I'll drop this project




    @gpedro 10 000BURST to 0.0062BTC
    BURST ID:13944648968649368791
    BTC ID:7e1a7b94e1980174a78b0f1fc87ee286d497149c87132fb743c8bc2de9eeea78

  • @ccminer Love the idea xD
    Actually already thinked many times that we should have those services, and a shapeshift likely site it would be awesome, especially if linked into an asset... i have a lot of more ideas to make that even better, we have to talk about it 😉

  • @gpedro SURE PM me and we can talk, or maybe we will talk face to face once I'll be in Lisbon

  • @ccminer hahaha yeah i will pm you in a bit xD

  • This is great, count me in.. !!!! Burst bag lady here wants to grow more assets, so am willing to put collateral if need be yes, if I need some extra capital.

  • @qibucks That's the core idea! We will see if it makes sense or not...

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  • @ccminer I also quite like the idea. Having an instant service shapeshift-like for BURST to be exchanged into other major altcoins or viceversa would be awesome. Think in the potential of it if this service can get integrated with others or new services using burst, it would be awesome. The loans for the moment looks like a face-to-face bussines, but think also in the potential of a p2p lenging platform, something like btcjam.com or bitbond.com. Although I understand your idea is to be yourself the lender 🙂

  • @vExact Yeah, for now I prefere to be myself the lender.
    I relally like to work step by step, btcjam.com style website is quite a big stuff to do, I'm ready to try to do so, but first as I said I prefere to check if there is a demand, before start to really work on it!
    The same with the instant exchange!

  • @ccminer I personally think the instant exchange is more needed. However now I know where to go if I need some extra Burst 😉 The more the options the better in any case.

  • @vExact Yeah maybe, let's see which one will be more popular (if I get some requests LOL)

  • @ccminer im working on a instant exchange site right now actually

  • @falconCoin nice, just for BURST?

  • @ccminer yes mainly for altcoin to burst

  • @falconCoin I see.
    As I wrote the site, in case, will be developed, after I observed that there is a certain level of demand for this service.
    If you have pleasure we can cooperate.

  • @ccminer love the idea bro, just a question
    what will happen if someone takes a loan and doesn't repay at all, how will you go about getting your burst back?

  • @Luke1219 I wrote in the announcement. I offer COLLATERAL based loans, for now. So if you don't repay I keep the collateral.

  • @gpedro said in BURST LOANS and INSTANT EXCHANGE:

    @ccminer Love the idea xD
    Actually already thinked many times that we should have those services, and a shapeshift likely site it would be awesome, especially if linked into an asset... i have a lot of more ideas to make that even better, we have to talk about it 😉

    Here is some leg work we did a few months back on another service called uquid.

    @crowetic was supposed to get in contact with them and not sure if he had.
    I know he's been very busy BUT with some minor issues the wallet is having
    it might be best to hold off for larger adoption services for a week or two till they get fixed.
    No harm in getting things all lined up though.

    "Dear Mr Meg
    Many thank for contact us
    if you are founder of Burstcoin please contact with our support team via skype : uquid.support
    our team can support you instantly
    Best Regard

  • @ccminer sounds Good PM me