Free Satoshis For Trading or Buying Burst

  • hey guys , just thought i would post this link here for anyone who wants some free satoshis for trading, or buying burst purposes
    I have had a few payout from this site and id thought i would share it with you, it is also quite possable that someone can make a bot for this so the claiming is automatic. link is below ---- ref code

    Have a great day
    Happy Bursting

  • @Luke1219 Thanks Bro.

  • Why did you use a url shortener to hide the referral code? Shouldn't the users get the option to use it or not? Seems shady to me. But here is the site without the referral code .

    So I figured I would take the time and review the site as well and just so every one is aware if your in it just to claim like a faucet and try to withdraw. The withdraw rate is as follows the minimum withdrawal amount is 20000 satoshi. The Claim timer is 20 minuets and you receive small amounts up to 57 satoshi, per claim, but there are also other ways to earn by clicking ads or doing small tasks. You have loyalty bonuses and other items you can use to increase these pay outs. The site also offers a dice game as well, kinda like But if your in it just to claim and walk away it will take you 116 hours of straight claiming ONLY to make payout requirements. I have not made a payout as of yet but will keep you updated if I take the time to make it that far.


  • @gecox22 Thanks for your time and analysis of the website.


  • @Luke1219 @gecox22 Automation don't worth it defenetly... In 9kw each solvemedia captcha cost 151.5 sat and a google captcha cost between 2x to 2.5x 😉
    I mean if you buy points, if you just solve them manually you can run it as you want but you will have to solve a lot of captchas per day (69 captchas per day) xD

  • @gpedro yea I thought the same thing as well. I ran the numbers and came up with the same results, just not paying high enough for anything,