Leaving Computer on

  • Do you always leave your computer / mining rigs on even when your not in the house?

    do you worry about some freak electrical accident and your house goes up? or am i just paranoid to leave my machine / mining rig running while im not home.

    What if you go on vacation or are away from extended periods of time?

  • @Stillicide I leave my computer on during the day when I go to school then power it off for about 3-4 hours when I get home then turn it back on and run again all night thru the following day, never had any issues. If I am going on vacation I turn it off

  • admin

    @Stillicide Miners running 24 * 365 - never shut them down.

  • Their are multiple safety's built into computers they can sense when an electrical current is gone a miss and they shutdown for you before any damage is done. This can be proved by plugging in your GPU or Wifi card in backwards

  • @Stillicide

    Keeping animals and children from having access could be considered.
    Having a PSU is always helpful in protecting from electrical spikes from storms
    if you are not around to shut it off but get a good one.

  • @MikeMike 24h / 365 working...

    Mining burstcoin every day,.... 😃 building future reward

  • You can set your motherboard to shut down and start up at your preferred time. And start your miner when your computer goes on if you go on a long vacation. 🙂

  • I've been mining various cryptos for years now, sometimes with much sketchier equipment than hard drives (i.e. GPUs, ASICs), and these are my rules of thumb:

    • If a mining setup runs for 12 hours with no issues, while I'm around to check on it, it's good for 24/7 mining.
    • Anything that passes that last rule can be left on 24/7 and while I'm not home.
    • Mining equipment has to be located in areas that pets can't get to without supervision. (I don't have kids, but I imagine the same rule would apply.)
    • I shut the mining equipment down if I'm going on vacation or won't be home overnight for some reason.

    Never say never, but I've haven't had a disaster yet while following those rules.