New Burstcoin miner.

  • I just joined this group a short time ago and have had an amazing experience helping me see through the fog of confusion thus far. I live in a small town in the mountains of Alberta. Logging at the moment but fear I will only be doing it for a couple years more at most. I do woodworking, welding and other hobbies. Cant wait for this snow and cold to be gone. Fishing/ camping are my wife and my favorite past time when the ground is not piled high with all that white stuff.

    Computing wise. I am trying my first go at Burst with an external 3 TB drive but after 3 days of plotting I am hoping to be done by morning. Patience is a virtue.. I think i've developed it in spades relating to Bursting. Walking up each morning just itching to click on that button "Start Mining" just to have the hopes and dreams of that morning dashed seeing that DOS window just staring back at me with the words 98% Generating nonces from 611225089... YEESH!!!

    Thanks again for the great help and look forward to learning more and getting to know the group and the wisdom of bursting.

    Good day!


  • @Alamodem


  • Thanks Mike. 😉 After 3.5 days of plotting im finally mining and have made my first burstcoin!! WOOT!! Thanks to the people that helped me over the first hurdle. What a great bunch of people.

  • @Alamodem Nice! If you start adding a lot of hard drives, you can do video card plotting which will make it so it takes less than a day to plot a 3tb

  • Video Card Plotting? Like bitcoin? Do you need a high end high quality video card?

  • @Alamodem no, unless you want to buy another video card. What kind do you have now??


  • @Alamodem Welcome to Burst community 🙂
    There's no comparison with BTC or other coins when using your video card with Burst. It is optional to use video card (GPU) to plot Hard drives because it is faster than CPU plotting. Plots are made once, so video card will not be needed later unless you want to use GPU mining.

    You can borrow a high-end GPU from your gaming PC or mining rig to write plots and then mine burst using CPU.

    If you grow your mining rig to multiple of Hard-drives you may then consider GPU mining to read your drives faster.

  • @croydan1 GTX 550 is my video card. 2 gigs on board.

  • @Alamodem that video card will work just fine it will calculate plenty fast and not get stressed.