Need all details on earnings of mining.

  • Ok, I'm starting from scratch here and would like you to help me out, so far I'm confused about how payouts happen.

    I'm mining at

    It shows different windows; current shares, all shares and others.

    As far as I know a payout occurs when a block is "hit", so that means someone of this pool meets the deadline, right? Ok, when someone "hits the block", who get's payed, and what amount is payed out?

    So far I'm confused whether the reward mentioned in the current shares section or the all shares section is payed out.

    I understand the current shares window, it's the block which is mined at the current moment, and it shows the best deadlines of and the reward the miner gets.

    As I have it figured out, if the block is not "hit", the reward is added to the previour rewards, and all is counted up and shown in the "all shares" window.

    So what is payed out? That what is mentioned in all shares or that in the current shares window?

    So far I've been mining there all night but didn't receive payouts when blocks got hit and I'm actually still unsure why, I hope things get fixed.

    Please enlighten me on how mining actually works, I thought it would be simple, which it might be, but I'm still like a 5 year old who needs to be told in a proper way about this.

    So if you have the time to explain all the things about mining, if you would like, in an elaborate way, you can start from plotting to payout, I would appreciate that.

    If you could also explain what a deadline exactly is, for me it's just the timer which needs to reach the best deadline of the pool for a payout to happen, the details behind it please.

    See, explain mining like I you would explain it to a five year old and explain how you get paid and how you can tell what you will get paid when a block is hit from the windows on the websites of the pools.

    Thx in advance, english is not my mothertongue b.t.w.

  • You receive a payout of 100 Burst + 200 Burst from @CryptoNick as bonus with 0,8tb. I think thats pretty good. Your Payments

    best regards

  • @MrWho

    yes, I received 200 Burst as consolation for the payouts that didn't happen. I hope the following will be executed by the system automatically. The one around 10:15 was payed out by the system so I assume I will receive the following also, I hope so.

    Returning to my question, currently my reward mentioned under the current shares window is 0.41. My reward mentioned under all shares currently is 38.01.

    When the block is hit by someone else than me, what happens?

  • There was a ghost block between the hits (system pays, but we dont win). Further if someone hit a block you get your current shares in this case your 38.01. If you have more question send me a pm, dont wanna begin a chat in the forum.