My Love For Filipino Food

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    I love eating. Because of this fact, over the years I gained a lot of weight. Which is why I've restarted to hike all the trails near me. I also have a diverse palette and can eat just about anything with the proper spices and salsa. Just the other day my mom's husband made a delicious pot of menudo.

    If you don't know what menudo is, it might throw you off. It's basically a Spanish soup made with cow stomach and maize kernels that have been treated with an alkali. Throw in some seasoning and your got yourself some Menudo. I grew up eating menudo and will eat it until the day I die. But we're not here to talk about Menudo, we are here to talk about Filipino food.

    The first time I ever tried Filipino food was in San Diego. I just move to the city and just started a temp job at a place I can't remember. The majority of the people working there were Filipino. This was also the first time I that I can remember actively talking and hanging out with the culture. I also met my first ex-girlfriend from San Diego there but that is another story.

    I think we can agree that living in San Diego is expensive.


    During my first few months of living in San Diego, I was very broke. I barely had any money and most of the money I made went to bills and gas to travel to work. So, I always showed up at work without food.

    This was disturbing to my co-workers which seemed to always have food. And I mean a lot of food. I was always shocked to see how much food they would bring to eat. During lunch break, they seemed to materialize larges containers of food, bread, and drinks. During the beginning I would sit in another room, drinking water, wishing I had something to eat.

    My ex-girlfriend's mother saw that I never had any food and so began to offer me some of the food they brought to work. This is how I met my ex-girlfriend. She and I would sit next to each other and talk over a plate of food her mom gave me. Things didn't work out between us. Yet, I learned that my love for Filipino food had begun.

    Looking back, I am not sure why I kept meeting Filipino women at places I worked. Maybe it was fate telling me I would meet the woman who would be the mother of my child and soulmate. In any case, it was my wife who really brought my love of Filipino food to life.

    The relationship between husband and wife should be one of closest friends.


    My wife is an amazing woman. She has been through a lot. I won't go into details of the crap she has been through but I can say, she has the physical and mental scars to prove that life can be downright cruel sometimes.

    So, when she and I met, it was like two porcupines trying to get to know each other. Both of us had and wanted to show each other love but because of our past, we were cautious. This is where food came into play.

    During our courting phase, she asked if I ever had Filipino food before. I told her yes and that I loved pancit and lumpia. She giggled at me and asked if I've tried food other than pancit. I responded by saying no and that I was open to eating other things but nothing too crazy.

    So, she and I would go to different places to eat that served Filipino food. She would introduced me to all the different types of recipes that her culture could create. She also introduced me to the deserts. Now, I'm not a desert kind of guy; though I did give them all a try.

    She taught be a lot about her culture and the foods they can create. A lot of the spices are the same as Spanish dishes. So, a lot of the flavors I was a custom to. She also taught me about rice.

    Filipinos know their rice.


    She also introduced me to all the different types of rice and how each one can have a different effects on the food. Before this, I didn't know the nuances of the different grains. I also didn't know how water can affect the rice in so many different ways.

    Today, with the knowledge I now have, I can tell between overcooked rice and rice that needed more water. There is a certain softness to rice that has been properly cooked. It's hard to describe but you can tell when rice has been properly cooked.

    Meh, but anyone can tell the difference.

    alt text

    Actually no, like I said, different cooked rice grains can affect the food you are eating. Too much water and the rice isn't good for dishes like stews. Too little and it feels like the grains are going to soak up all the water in your body. Some can hold water pretty well and some still kind of feel uncooked even though they have been cooked completely. She also taught me how to correctly measure the rice and water. Now that my wife is in my life, I can tell that I ate some crappy rice. I don't eat it unless it has a particular softness and feel.

    My love For Filipino Food Comes From My Wife And Work

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    I love eating and I love eating Filipino food. Being married to my wonderful wife, I get to eat all the Filipino food that I want and no one will think I am weird or that I have a strange fetish for the food. I have also learned the different types of rice grains and how they can affect the food you are eating.
    Thanks for reading. 🙂

    Photo Sources: Once Two Three Four

  • I love your pieces, keep writing these! (L)

  • @BurgerBaron Thank you and I will 🙂

  • This is Great! Being a Filipino my self, I thank you for liking our dishes.

    Have your wife cooked you a "Papaitan"? Try it!

    Regards to your Wife (Kabayan)

  • @Yey_09 said in My Love For Filipino Food:


    Thanks for reading my post and the comment. 🙂

    I asked my wife just now and she said she doesn't know how to cook it. We are going to ask her mom if she can make it, which I'm sure she does.

  • @socalguy said in My Love For Filipino Food:

    @Yey_09 said in My Love For Filipino Food:


    Thanks for reading my post and the comment. 🙂

    I asked my wife just now and she said she doesn't know how to cook it. We are going to ask her mom if she can make it, which I'm sure she does.

    Im sure she does. It's a bitter soup, you may not like it at first but when you get used to it, it's delicious.

  • @socalguy OH WOW, my Nephew here just got married to a Pinay and they going to live there next year in her village..He must be the only Greek to live in Pina lol..She makes wicked Spring rolls! I am married to a Chinese so I also cook a lot of Asian at home..lovin' it better than Mcdonald's lol Lovely story and thank you for sharing..

  • @qibucks A lot of things are better than McDonalds though every now and then I get a strange craving for two big Macs, fries, and a large Coke. 🙂

  • @socalguy everything homemade is better than macdonalds 😃

  • @socalguy you make some great work, keep doing them 😃

  • @LithStud

    I just read that @Roses is selling Bakery goods. This is awesome!!

    I'm down to try some homemade bakery goodness so long as they are not too sweet.

  • @socalguy Then i suggest coffee cakes, theyre amazing and just sweet enough to kill that craving 😃

  • Just a random video I made.

    Hopefully, more to come soon.

  • @socalguy , you gained 300% respect from me for the pieces you made, but lost 400% by using a selfie stick.

    JK, make us proud ! i know you can

  • @nameless haha I have big tripod but I'm not going to hike around with it on the trails. I hope to get better equipment as time goes by. 🙂