How to mine some cryptocurrencies for free (satoshi, eth, btc, xem, etc)

  • This is a simple and easy way to make some free money without doing too much or dedicating too much time.

    1. Make an eobot account. I would appreciate if you used my ref link but if not I don't mid 🙂 or

    2. Hover over products and click on faucet. Redeem the faucet reward.

    3. Proceed to click on account. Then scroll down and click on exchange.

    4. Switch all of the currency you got from the faucet for the Cloud Scrypt 24 Hour Rental

    5. Repeat this process every 24 hours and make free money.

    6. Your annual income will constantly rise making you free crypto money every day.

    Another method:

    1. Download minergate:

    2. Mine currencies.

  • @kmaxkmax I looked at this out of curiosity and I guess I don't fully understand. From the faucet I get 485 sats. It looks like the daily rate from that hashpower = 423 sats. Is there a point of doing the Cloud Scrypt?

  • @DougLife @kmaxkmax Yeah... I've been messing with the settings on eobot and have wondered the same thing. Not sure if I've found anything more profitable than the faucet alone. I was going to try and switchthe mining to Doge, since they give you that free one for logging in. It would save that dumb 5% exchange fee but still not even sure if that would make the cloud-script mining worth it.

  • @k.coins I have about 53 GHz of 4.0. I'm thinking of exchanging my GHzs to 24 hour rental, and then withdraw all my coins after 24 hours. I don't know I've been tossing this idea back-and-forth. I've switched to mining doge a while ago because of that reason.

  • @k.coins Thanks for filling me in. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. 🙂

  • i've been visiting and claiming the free altcoins for more than a month but I havent tried buying cloud rental. Im gonna try it I get the coins anyway for free, so no lost for me.

  • @Tate-A this is what I did right before 4.0 came out cashed 90% out of 3.0 then slowly getting a 4.0 from faucet and I also bought some folding about 9 months ago to check it out... investing will take over a year to see a return.. and it to is cloud mining so it very well could end any time

  • @kmaxkmax
    I would be careful of minergate I had that program on my PC for a few months and it wouldn't always seem to mine but when I went to withdraw funds a quick screen would popup showing a lot more money than what I showed I was withdrawing. Also as soon as as I would turn on my PC it would sound like it was working a lot harder than what I had been doing. I started watching the task mngr and noticed minergate was working my PC hard even tho I had paused all my mining. It seems their program runs in the background on your Computer and mines for them. Check it out and tell me what you think.