Lets talk about Brexit!

  • I just wanted to see what the general mood toward brexit is here. I live in america and i want them to leave.

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    @stupendelious 2 Trillion dollars wiped off the worlds equity market, my 401(k) down 3-4%, the breakup of the UK looking probable now, potentially removing the UK Nuclear trident fleet as an equalizer preventing nuclear war, people complaining that they meant their vote as a protest not expecting the leave to happen; over all How the F*** did that just happen ?

  • @haitch so you live in the uk
    im an outsider so i dont really know what they need

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    @stupendelious - Nope, I'm an ex-pat New Zealander living in WI, US. But I did spend 4 years living in the UK., and basically they just screwed themselves.

  • @haitch most people wanted them to leave because of the mass immigration they were experiencing

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    @stupendelious Immigration was certainly a predominant part of the argument, but most of it in racist terms, a lot of the "leave" party were demanding they leave due to the encumbrance of EU regulations, and yet, to continue trading with the rest of the EU they'll still have to meet those rules, and re-negotiate trading rules with all the EU members. So the UK is about to split apart because a bunch of ignorant voters choosing to leave, without understanding the effects. It is with head banging disbelief that the most trending questions on google from the UK today are "what is the EU" and "what is the effect of leaving the EU". The day after a world changing vote, the voters are asking what they were voting on??? 😮

    Their major Banks have been devalued by 25-30%
    The average house price is going to drop by 20K pounds
    To trade with the EU, they have to have more permissive laws than they already have
    The world just lost $2 TRILLION of value
    The UK is likely to break up.
    The UK Nuclear Deterrent is based in in Scotland. Scotland says they have to leave - now what?

  • @haitch now other countries want out, and that is the thing. If the eu gets completely destroyed then they will much better off. but if they are the only ones to stay out then it will be much harder for them

    The EU might have been good for them right now but in the long term they will be much better of out of it

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    The EU was supposed to get rid of the one upmanship of individual nation, that had led to two world wars. It was an incentive to prevent a third. But lets be isolationist and ignorant of the rest of the countries we share a border with ......

  • @haitch first, i do agree that the eu helped with not starting wars. But in this current state i really dont see a war happening if the eu did not exist. second, letting people from the south flood in is not the right direction for them to be going. This vote was really a fight between globalism and nationalism

    this is a good conversation, this is not personal but a debate. The one thing that we probably both believe in is burst 😛 😃 and i wonder if this drop in value of the pound will result in bitcoin going up and burst going up as well.

  • Immigration is the straw that broke the camels back. I see the Eu breaking up. Maybe even a couple countries returning to Russia.

  • Maybe even a couple countries returning to Russia

    Crimea enough ... Russia will not be able to accept a few more countries by financial reasons (also like Abkhazia and South Ossetia).

  • @haitch said:

    So the UK is about to split apart because a bunch of ignorant voters choosing to leave, without understanding the effects.

    That's my understanding of the vote as well, and it infuriates me when politicians exploit ignorant people. In my opinion a lot of the rhetoric used in the campaigns should be illegal. An ignorant vote undermines democracy and I believe that people shouldn't vote at all if they don't understand what they are voting for.

  • apologies for bumping an ancient thread I just wish brexit was done properly then it'd be concrete.