Mining with two softwares....

  • I was just wondering if someone knows if it's possible to mine with two separate software's for example, I already mine with 'Nicehash' services and would like to know if I can also mine another coin using it's software as well, from the same GPU 0r Cpu for that matter?
    Hope this makes sense 😉

  • @tradz It does make sense, but it wont work 🙂 each miner will consume the max of your cards making it impossible for other software to use resources from card (assuming it will not hang or burn your place from load)

  • @rnahlawi hey there I don't think I have had the pleasure to talk to you but, I have read some of your posts and being the sponge for learning that I am may I pick your brain on this because I have NiceHash also? would it be possible through the Task Manager to help set how much power is being designated to each program I am aware of the heat produced by NiceHash alone and that is not so nice or is it truly not possible at all?? like I said I am trying to learn as much as possible and any info from people that have been apart of this for a long time I do truly respect. Thank You


  • @croydan1 I'm a learner by myself too and pleased to share experience 🙂
    Task manager will adjust priority of CPU usage for running binaries, NiceHash calls out miners that uses GPU (mostly) and task manager cannot adjust their usage. I can think of one way to lower the usage which can be lowering the density of the miner (i.e: claymore).
    But honestly, why would you do such thing? if the goal is to mine different crypto, then build another rig and mine in the crypto pool instead of NiceHash

  • Im running Nice hash while Burst mining

  • @rnahlawi Ha! I thght so, but it was worth a shot to ask 😉
    Thx for the response however. I already l0ve this forum, people here are very cool indeed 😉 We are about our business over hurr!!!

  • @croydan1 Nice comment and I've seen you here as well when passing by other comments. Nice to meet you by the way! Unfortunately, I too am pretty new to this software and so, can not help you with this particular question which is a great question by the way 😉 I will have to look into this myself as well.

    You may want to hit up support if you really want to pick some brains. They are very fast as well when it comes to answering questions 😉

  • @Yey_09 Same here, nice! But I meant for the GPU, CPU mining. The hard drive(s) are separate so, it makes it possible to run these two together 😉
    When I found out about this, I was ecstatic!

  • admin

    @tradz I run nicehash and also GPU mine my plots without issue. If you find the mining is lagging a little, use task manager to set it's priority to above normal, and it should be a bit faster.

    As for trying to mine on nicehash and another coin, you can - but you'll be splitting the computational power and adding overhead. So instead of 100% of GPU going to nicehash, you'll be getting something like 45% to Nicehash, 45% to coin X and 10% lost to overhead.