Best Site To Trade BurstCn...

  • Ok, So I have checked some of the Exchange www's, Which of these do You think is the best in the meaning of trust ???

    1. Poloniex
    2. CCex
    3. Bittrex
    4. We Need Another One !!!

    P.s Doesn't matter what level of BurstCoin Miner You're on... Feel Free To Comment!!!!

  • Banned

    number 4 lol

  • just listed Burst

  • Honestly, we're going to make some serious money on This Crypto... So its simple that we will need some trust-full Exchange. At the moment we have a bunch of SmartArses playing the New Game with old JoySticks ...
    I hope, it will lit a few sparks over the BurstCoin Community Heads finally... 😉

  • @westcity POLO for big ammounts: it is slow in credit your DEPs and WDs but you can handle big amount (2/3+ millions burst 1/2 BTC)
    BITTREX for small ammounts: it is 100 faster that POLO good for quick deposit, trade and withdraw

  • @ccminer I've stopped using ''Poloniex'' after my last loss caused by their weird actions (unexplained and happening always with bigger transactions 😞 .

  • @westcity what happened?

  • @westcity Bitsquare you forgot? DEX Decentralized Exchanges seem to becoming more popular after loss of coin/assets at the centralized exchanges.

  • @all ok I am still learning but catching on fairly quick. One of the things that I am reading and seeing at these sites is that they are trying to shutout some currencies out because their main interest is making sure that BTC is always on top. Meaning this, it looks like that to do any serious trading you HAVE to rely on BTC and what it is worth kind of like what the world econ. does relying on the USD to be the main base for what the rest are worth. Yes I know there are a lot of contributing factors to the world econ. versus this. I guess what I am getting at is -who is in control ( bank rolling ) each exchange I know it is not "A" person it is a lot of peeps and they are the ones making the rules. Now comes the question and not an impossible one what would it take for this community to start putting together the beginnings of the knowledge base towards making another exchange that will include all legit currencies BTC, Litecoin, ETH, Dodge yes they are the ones that stick out in my head and yes there are others. I am willing to do as much as I can such as researching each exchange digging in to try to get info like how they are funded or what kind of group oversees the exchange, maybe come across another exchange?? Well if I am crazy for thinking this way tell me why because sometimes in the why there is sometimes the start of a small answer as to how.


  • Its Ok bud...;) I have it sorted (some how), But thats why I thought our community needs more and more Burst Interchange that old foxes are not in charge off...;)