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  • Ok I would like to do a Signature Campaign on Bitcoin talk as i know a lot of you guys are also on there for the casino , i have got signatures Designed and would like to pay in Burst and offer it to Burst members as a priority , these are the signatures I have designed, starting at Jnr members as too many people create multipul accounts for adding new members here is a picture of the signatures i have

    alt text

    Ok the first thing I am asking is what sort of compensation (how many Burst) per week do people feel are fair for each level ?

    • Jnr member
    • Member
    • Full Member
    • Senior member
    • Legendary/Hero Member

    With this i will require username on Bitcointalk,Burst deposit address and also member level there.

    I have the hero/legendary on my signiture there username BITDV , so all feed back will be noted and taken into consideration ..

    Also the signature has a link to the asset thread here for BtcDragon, extra traffic here also hopefully !!

    Not sure if this is the right section for this, if its wrong please move ..


  • Moved to marketplace.

  • @FrilledShark thanks mate !!

  • This is fantastic... I would join for sure. I am legendary and my husband is Full member there..

    I earn around 0.012 btc a week from my sign campaign which is considered a low one, but it always pays out so i never bothered to change it..Others get a lot more from their sig campaigns up to like 0.04 a week.. so anything within those ranges is good.

    Please consider me as I am an active member on btctalk, well both of us us are as Hubby gets the odd Chinese translation job for Coin OPS lol.

  • What was ever the outcome of this? I'm a "Newbie" on BitCoinTalk.org, 3 or 4 posts in 6 months, I just looked I'm limited to 50 characters and URL links are not allowed. I did plug your site in my banner though. I expect to get more active on that site as I've lurked for nearly a year now but I have some hardware to move that's legacy and I might do some promos for some projects I work on which I think will boost my status rather quickly. How knows though.