Hello, am loosing burstcoin guys ,help

  • Hello sir ,
    Am Felix from Ghana in Africa . I love studying online and have an a keen interest in burst cion . I was able to get your wallet and plot my 100 gig drive space successfully. But when I started mining, instead of gaining I am rather loosing the little I have . I wish to tell the youth here more about Burstcoin and get them involved . Cud you help me out please ?
    Thanks .
    That's my burst wallet
    Am Felix and please I wish to invest in about 20 terabytes of drive . Cud you please give me a help line or someone to help me personally as most videos just skip processes thinking we are all computer literates.
    And any donations too will be accepted thanks. We the donations I can help others setup their accounts byou giving them an initial startup burst .

    +233249234809 (whatsapp or call or SMS )
    If you have a whatsapp group it will be nice

  • @Gasquin I can see you created 2 AT (smart contracts) probably as mistake, be careful because everything you do, for example change wallet name, send a message (with the wallet) cost you a small fee! So I guess that's why you are "losing" coins!
    About the mining you must be patient to see the first results. what pool are you mining with?

  • @Gasquin said in Hello, am loosing burstcoin guys ,help:

    most videos just skip processes thinking we are all computer literates

    I'll be honest, getting involved with crypto does take a certain level of computer literacy. Yet, it's all there in the videos. You may need to watch them a couple of times to get an idea of what to do but it's all there.

    There are faucets available for initial startup accounts. Anyone is welcome to visit them to get some Burst into their wallets. Just don't abuse them as they are run by donations. If the donations run out, the faucet runs out.

  • You prolly already seen it, but if not it can help out:


    Feel free to ask questions, you'll get fair and honest answers soon enough. I do agree with @socalguy, everything involving crypto
    does require some level of computer literacy.

    Happy bursting!

  • if there is anything in the videos that you feel they may of skiped or are dont understand how they get from 1 step to another feel free to ask lots of people willing to help on this forums

  • Sent ya couple burst to get you started!

  • Hello guys thanks so much for your help. Please I have started mining and haven't gotten any Burst yet. Whenever I open my app it tells me that my account is been forked and that I am loosing 10 burst daily ... help

  • try to log in with the online wallet insted of the local , you are geting that message because your local wallets Data base is not synced with the network or may be corrupted. if you are using the all in one windows client at the top is tab's for online and local just select from there.

  • OK thanks bro ,rock.

  • @Gasquin local wallet is only 100% need for people that mine solo and not in a pool , for mining in a pool you can use the online wallet with no problums

  • Welcome @Gasquin!
    You are in the right place, receive a welcome gift!

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