Accidently I found about Burst

  • Recently while I was inside my car waiting for others to come I read some articles. Then one article mentioned some energy efficient crypto currency which I have never heard of(I knew only bitcoins and few alt coins). At that moment my life turned inside out. Why did not I hear that coin before. Burst is the best coin ever. No need of expensive Graphics cards which are mostly needed for gaming. But hard disk are anyway useful for everyday life. So no waste in terms of hardware and energy.
    I hope there should be more large scale advertisements and media involved.

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    @sleepy Welcome to the community - enjoy this awesome coin!

  • Welcome to Burst @sleepy 🙂

  • Welcome! Happy bursting 😃

  • Welcome to the world of BURST.. 🙂

  • @sleepy Welcome and make yourself at home 🙂

  • Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay.

    As far as the media question, yes, that is one of the goals here in the near future, we have quite a lot planned, expansion is going to be very big this year, as we are finally amassing enough coin to be able to pay for everything necessary.

    What you may not know about BURST, is that it is one of the only 'fair release' coins, which means that everyone who has coins, including developers, all got them the same way... Mining, buying, or releasing services or assets to benefit the community.

    This is GREAT, but it also means that it took a minute for the team to get enough money to start pushing out larger promo campaigns, etc, because we didn't have a development fund, no IPO, no premine.

    BURST has an AMAZING community that keeps it going, and it will always be this way (is my hope anyway.)

    We will be doing many things in the near future to get the word out about our amazing hidden gem. 🙂

    Have fun here, don't hesitate to ask any questions and we'll get them answered for you.

  • @sleepy I've loved the burst concept since I first found out about it 6 months ago. It is my favorite of all coins. Hard drive mining is the best way to mine.

  • @crowetic It would be really cool if when you advertise for the coin that you also really let people know how energy efficient it is, the coin is a one of a kind.

  • Welcome!

  • @sleepy Welcome to the Burst community.