What to sell on burst market

  • I'm really wondering what to sell on the market. Some suggestions might help. I'm doing this not to have that much of profit but to convince others to join burst. Something that is not currently available or it is cheap when buying from burst. Just an idea.

  • @sleepy There are all kinds of things for sale in the market from batteries and sweatshirts with the burst coin logo on them to Hard Drives, Gift cards. I see you want to get more people to take notice especially where you live. Hopefully you have a wallet already and have plotted some Hard Drive space and joined a pool for younger people to see how easy it is to just start earning can get a lot of people to join in the fun. For the market maybe look for something unique that you can get cheap and sell for a small profit. I hope this kinda helps you.

    Welcome to Burst,


  • @croydan1 Thanks, That is exactly what I wanted to do , get more people involved.